2011 In Review

As this year draws to a close a sigh of relief slips out of my lips. 2011 was most certainly the most difficult year I’ve ever had in my life thus far. It included several ER trips for me and Tyler, a lifeflight and ICU Stay, my husband’s 7 month deployment to Cuba, the loss of my dear Grandpa to cancer, and many internal personal struggles with the changes of life and relationships. There were also 3 cross country relocations as we hopped from place to place while my husband was gone. The times when I felt I needed others the most were the times I felt utterly alone. It was a year full of grief, pain, sickness and tears.

When I look back at this year I will not remember the pain alone. Through it all there were bright shining moments of pure happiness. Through the sickness there was the amazing joy of watching God answer prayers before my very eyes in a miraculous way. Through the tears bawled into my pillow while I was crying myself to sleep at 3 a.m. there was the feeling of God wrapping His very arms of comfort around me and whispering that it was all going to be ok. Through the separation of the person who is dearest to me in all the world there came out a new renewed and more deeply devoted love and appreciation than we have ever known before. Through it all I came away with a deeper understand of life, of self, and a sense of maturity and perspective that I know I lacked before. There was lovely time spent getting to know my in-laws better, fun adventures with my wonderful and crazy family, precious memories built with many hours spent with both of my Grandma’s, and the warmth that comes from connecting with old friends and making new ones. My good friend From Tracie did a year in review of pictures along with some bloggers, and I would like to do one too-because when I look at the pictures from this year I see only the joy that I want to remember. Looking at them reminds me of how many wonderful and fun things we got to do and experience this year. I trust that in years to come the goods will far outweigh the bads in my mind and heart.


Full of fun playdates with friends and the normal every day to day life we live while in Boston


Saw Amber’s 3rd birthday and lots of family time while we could still spend it together


You can tell by my pictures that March is when things began to get a little overwhelming–I only took 8 pictures the entire month (most months the minimum is 100 photos–no joke) I did manage to snap this little gem–at this point they only adored each other and never fought.


Marked our voyage down to spend a little over a month in Tyler, Texas. One of the highlights for everyone was the trip to the zoo there.


We spent almost the entire month of May in Texas and continued to have so much fun with Bob’s family, my favorite thing was visiting the Texas Rose Gardens


June marked the first month with my family in Wyoming. We took several fun trips out to all my favorite gorgeous and breathtaking Wyoming spots. This picture was taken at the beautiful Green River Lakes near Pinedale, Wyoming.


Marked my 26th birthday and Tyler’s 1st a wonderfully fun camping trip to Red Cliff Bible Camp and Yellowstone National Park.


Was filled with more wonderful times together with family and trips into the Wyoming wilderness–along with the revelation that empty pop cans and dirt are really the best toys EVER for babies.


We took a trip up into Montana to spend a few days with one of my very best friends and her lovely family. She was my rock and go-to gal the entire deployment and it was amazing to spend face to face time together again after 2 years apart.


 Saw lots and lots of family time as our 6 month stay in Wyoming drew to a close. There were many trips to the park and lots of playing in the leaves!


The love of my life returned home at last!!!!! Thanks to my beyond sweet and wonderful Mother in Law we were able to go on an overnight incredibly romantic getaway in downtown Boston. It was something I will never forget!


December of course means Christmas! We made Christmas a fun 2 day event which started on Christmas Eve. Amber loved helping me bake special Christmas Cookies this year.

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