2012 To Do List

 As I said–my theme for this year is No Excuses. Here is the “To Do” list that I’ve been mulling over for the past several years. Every year has brought slight variations–but the core of it stays the same. I realize in each area I will always need to strive towards my goals, there really is no “finish line” for many of them as I will constantly be striving to be healthier, Godlier, and a better wife, mom, friend, blogger, and worker. However there are specific goals within each category that I hope to finally achieve this year! No excuses!!!

  • Get Healthy
    • Exercise and eat right consistently to lose weight (13 lbs), gain energy, get toned, & get sick less often
    • Get out of the house often and play outside so the kids can get fresh air and exercise as well
  • Get “on fire” for God
    • Strengthen spiritual walk w/ the Lord by daily prayer, Bible reading, writing devotions, & weekly Bible study
    • Be more generous and giving, look for opportunities to reach out and help others
    • Trust God for strength and wisdom needed to balance all the areas in my life
  • Get Organized
    • Create Weekly & Monthly schedules to allot times for each part of my life to keep them balanced properly
    • Follow the “fly lady” cleaning plan to keep up w/ the “deep cleaning”
    • Catch up with email and stay caught up
    • Do finances daily
    • Order and put away pictures into albums
    • Keep up with reviews & giveaways and don’t take on more than I can handle
    • Read through all the new books I was given this year
    • Read through all my magazines
  • Be creative
    • Write at least one article, review, devotion, or snippet of life daily
    • Find time for reading, scrapbooking, and other “me” things
    • Start writing my book
  •  Be an Intentional Parent who invests in her children
    • Participate in a playdate and/or story time weekly for Amber & Tyler, look into extracurricular activities for Amber
    • Preschool 2 times a week with Amber
    • Include quality time for just play and fun with both kids each day
  • Be thankful
    • Be purposely joyful each day
    • Take time to keep up with friends & family
    • Deepen friendships here and create new ones
  • Breathe Deep
    • You can do this!!!!!!

Goalforit.com –Free Chore Charts

Tis the season for making goals! A good goal will never come to pass if you don’t set up a plan of action on how you’re going to reach that goal. For me this comes in the form of a yearly “to do list” (I’ll be posting it in just a bit!) and spreadsheets that help me keep track of my various goals and my progress with them.

This year, however, I have goals for both me and for Amber as well! Now that she’s getting old enough I’ve been looking for a good Chore Chart to use so that we can get her used to a daily routine that includes doing “big girl” things like making her bed and rewards her for doing things that she already does like picking up her toys. I remember having one of these growing up and it really helped to motivate me and reminded me. I think the reason I still love checking off physcial to do lists stems from my chore chart, haha. We also had a “bean jar” that we got to put beans in when we did things all week long and then we got to pick a reward once the jar was full–I’m thinking starting one of these would be a great idea too!

I was impressed with the goalforit! chore charts–you can personalize them to fit your child and also personalize the tasks you include on the chart. The best part of it all is the price–free! I also love that you can either use these online or if you’re super old fashioned like me and don’t allow your 3 year old to touch a computer you can print them off. I’m planning on making Amber the princess themed one, I think she’s going to be very excited about it!

Here’s to a new year with new goals and fun ways to reach them!

Jenn Bostic Change EP *Review & Giveaway*

I love music that is fun, soulful, and meaningful. Jenn Bostic has all of these attributes on her Change EP. Her pop music has a lot more depth to it than your typical album would. There are many hints of country in her music which puts it right up my alley as well! The crown jewel of the entire EP is Jealous of the Angels. Love this song!!! It’s absolutely beautiful and the story behind it is extremely moving. Here is the video of it because I know you’re going to love it too-and when it comes to music it always helps to hear it for yourself!
My other favorite song is the one that the EP is named for–Change. It starts with the Judy Garland quote “Never be a second rate version of somebody else.” That got me hooked on it right away since I love that quote!
Jenn has a great sound and I’m looking forward to hearing more from her.

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No Excuses

Those 2 words are going to be my theme for 2012.

It seems that it has been so long since I have had a “normal” year that I cannot remember the last time it happened…I’m not sure I’ve even had what could be considered a normal year since I got married. Every time I’ve turned around for the past 6 1/2 years we’ve either been moving out of state, dealing with a long distance relationship, pregnant (which for me involves 9 months of throwing up daily), or recovering from a baby and all the crazy that is life with a newborn. Often it’s been any combination of the above at once.

2012, for the moment at least, looks as if it might be blessedly normal with no planned moves, long separations, pregnancies or babies. I am honestly quite thrilled about this. It seems that each and every year I go into the new year with plans, goals, and enthusiasm only to have them all easily derailed by all the above things. From goal mode I go into simply survival mode as each situation requires. It’s hard to keep your motivation to wake up early to work out when you’re being woken up 4-6 times a night, or to spend meaningful time devoted to Bible study and creativity when you have just a few weeks to prepare to move out of state yet again.  After the same goal/resolution/to do list year after year I’m tired of another year looking at wanting to accomplish the same things. This year I have no excuses to NOT do all of these things–and so I will be attacking them.

One by one I’ll be breaking them down, scheduling them out, and actually *accomplishing* them.

So here’s to 2012, here’s to no more excuses, and here’s to going into 2013 with a totally different goal list than I have this year!