MedjetAssist a must while travelling- *Guest Post*

One of a world traveller’s biggest nightmares is getting sick or injured when travelling abroad. It actually happens more often than we realize.
 According to international travel statistics 1 in 15 travellers will be injured, hospitalized or face serious health challenges when traveling abroad. The cost of medical evacuation from a foreign country into the United States can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. No wonder this is the stuff of nightmares. While travel insurance and platinum credit card offer some protection they often have restrictions on medical evacuations-MedjetAssist bridges that gap. If a MedjetAssist member gets hospitalized 150 miles from their home, and meets the transport criteria, MedjetAssist will arrange a transport to a hospital of their choice at no additional cost. There is absolutely no limit as to the cost of the transfer-they understand that you want to get home fast. When possible the travel is done always first class with a medical professional at their side. In an established emergency MedjetAssist can establish communication between the family and a local medical provider as well as the patient’s own doctors. Since communication abroad can be difficult MedjetAssist offers foreign language assistance and can relay messages to family, friends and colleagues 24 hours a day-toll free. Additionally if a MedjetAssist Elite or Plus member is hospitalized locally and requires transport to a specialized hospital more than 150 miles away, MedjetAssist can offer that service.
Traveling a peace of mind is the most important thing to pack-get it with MedjetAssist.

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