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It used to be that whenever I wanted to remember something, whether it was a great recipe I came across, a fun hands on project for Amber, or a great blog post that I wanted to come back to, I had about two options. One I could bookmark it (which on a Mac looks awful and after you have more than 3 it’s hard to find anything) Or I could figure out a way to email the idea to myself. Once I did that it got stuck into one of my hundreds of folders in my inbox….likely never to be seen again!

Apparently I wasn’t the only one with these problems! I absolutely love that Social Media is transforming into a great tool to not only gather and keep track of things for myself, but also where I can find the best of the best from my friends and others!

 clipix is a new site that let’s you take all those things and organize them into a clean, visible, and usable space. Some of it’s best features are the fact that you can control who sees which boards–whether it be just you, your friends, or the world!

Here is a shot of one of my clipboards–it shows a few of the books on my “must read” list!

For a little more information on clipix you can check out this Youtube video. Be sure to sign up for an account and see how you like it for youself!

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