Our Big Commercial Debut!

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So for my long time readers you’ll remember that I did a review of the Potty Tots potty training program about 2 years ago right after we moved to Boston, and right before Tyler was born! I mentioned at the time that I thought we’d be watching the DVD and reading the book long past potty training, and I was right! We actually still even have the chart up in the bathroom even though Amber is 100% trained, even through the night now. Tyler actually went up to it just the other day, pointed to the pictures, and said, “Potty potty!” So I guess I’ll be needing to get him the boy set soon!

Anyways, I was thrilled to be able to be a part of the Potty Tot commercial! We’re at 5:36 in, and I’m the only adult in it other than Miss Maggie (makes me cool, hahaha)

The Potty Tots are in a competition to Get on the Shelf at Wal*Mart. If you’ll click through and vote for them that would be awesome! This is a great, great product and it would be wonderful if it could be out where everyone could easily purchase it! It takes 2 seconds to click to vote (no signing up for anything) So go ahead!

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