Slim & Trim Monday ~ If at first you don’t succeed…

Try try again! Cliche but true! As I said going into this year–all the various things I’ve decided to achieve this year are goals–not resolutions. Because by resolution standard weighing in at 137.2 this morning would have caused my resolution to be tanked and me to throw in the towel.

But instead I’m sticking with the cliche. Though last week was one of those weeks where good intentions and routine get tossed aside by the craziness that is sometimes life, I did take it to brainstorm about just WHY my goals weren’t quite working or sticking, and why I’ve been so “stuck stuck stuck”.

The internet is a great place to find all kinds of resources. You can learn healthy living with this Guide to Healthcare Schools.  Through some reading and some brainstorming of other places online, I came up with what I think my problems are.

I think the biggest problem is that I’ve been trying to eat the elephant all at once–or maybe rather a whole plateful at a time. But when it really comes down to it weight loss, wellness, and health–like so many other things in life–are really made up of a thousand individual decisions that I make every day. One cookie or brownie after 8 at night won’t destroy me–but a continual pattern of nighttime snacking, every night, leads to dismal results. I was trying to break my BIG goals into achievable ones by instating my monthly goals. But the problem was 2 weeks in to the month I’d slip up, life would happen, or I’d cave–and then I’d throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater–since that month was toast anyways!

Amber’s Jar

Then I had an idea–a little silly, perhaps a tad childish, but it just might work!

Growing up we had a “bean jar”. Anytime we did good, some extra, etc we got to choose one bean and put it in the jar. When it was full we’d get to choose a reward. I recently made a jar for Amber along the same premise. Except for beans we’ve been using pretty blue gems. I started it when Bob began getting underway, and she started having various problems–from waking up crying at night to not listening as well, etc. As soon as I started using her gem jar to reward good behavior she started sleeping through the night again–hurray! She’s decided she wants a trip to the zoo once she fills it all the way up.

So I thought–why not make myself a “gem jar”? That way with each day I’m rewarded (or not rewarded) for the choices I make *that* day. I also decided to break things down into weekly goals that determine whether or not I get “gems” that day. For example–this week I will get a gem for each time I work out, and each day I don’t eat *anything* past 8 at night. I want to start out nice and slow. Baby steps are the way to success since every time I try to jump all the way in I end up floundering!

And my reward? A facial! It’s something I’ve always wanted but never gotten–my favorite kinds of gifts are pampering type ones! There are so many great spa places around here I’m sure I could find an affordable one on Groupon–and what an exciting reward that will be! 😀

So here’s to grabbing back onto the wagon, swinging myself up, and wrenching myself down so I don’t fall off again!!!!

((P.S. So far it’s working…I totally had my normal night noshing craving at 8….but I’m calmly sipping my ice water instead of gorging on something sweet. Hurrays! Wish me luck for the next 6 days!))

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