Rosie Flo’s Fashion Show

As I put in my Easter Post we ended the day with a fun Mommy & Amber coloring Fashion Show. We used the Rosie Flo’s Fashion Show and it was a blast!

Amber is always wanting to color together, so this was a perfect way to spend some quality time together! It made me remember how I always used to doodle, far into my teen years, and loved coloring and paper dolls when I was younger as well. It brought back lots of fond memories!

Once you color the fashion models in it’s super easy to pop them out and stand them up. The Pop Up Theater was very impressive and also easy to put together. The recommend ages are 6 and up, but Amber had a blast and has been very gentle with the dolls–so I’d recommend it for 4 and 5 year olds (with supervision) as well.

See our fantabulous models strutting their stuff on the runway?

The audience was quite impressed and ended the evening with great applause.

The whole idea is just so super cute–I love it! Amber’s been playing with the dolls all week since as well (only when Tyler’s sleeping, lol) 
I think that this would be an adorable idea for a elementary school age girl’s birthday party–have the girls all draw and color a doll or two and then put a fashion show on at the end! You could build an entire adorable birthday party around it 🙂
You can get your own Rosie Flo’s Fashion show for $16.99 from Chronicle Books, I’d highly recommend it for a special holiday, gift, or just something fun for your little girl!

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