How to take great pictures of your kids ~ part two

Yesterday I did a post on How to take great pictures of your kids and since I didn’t want to make it *too* long today I’m doing the second part!

Rethink your perspective ~ Kiddos are considerably shorter than you are, so in order to get the best pictures normally a stand and shoot at them doesn’t work all that great. Learn to play with the angles you’re shooting from and you’ll be surprised at how much it will change your pictures. Which leads me into my second tip today….

Don’t be afraid of back and side shots ~ some of my very favorite pictures of my kiddos are ones in which you can’t even see their faces. Back shots just have an artistic quality to them that I just love! Shooting from the side of their face, their back, or even from directly up above (like the picture at the top of this post) Study some professional photographers sites and pay close attention to where they are shooting from. It’s probably crouched down, way up high, or laying on the ground…that’s how they get those crazy cool shots!!

Zoom in ~ A big problem that people make is standing WAY too far back. Of course you can always crop to “make up” for this, but you might as well just zoom your camera in and/or step closer so that you will have less work later on. Also just simply turning your camera vertically can add huge quality to your pictures–you can get your kiddos whole body (or most of it) in a shot–instead of all the background around them that you really don’t care about! Close up face pictures are always winner’s for grandparents and putting in that 8×10 frame as well!

Always be looking ~ There are so many great places to take pictures all around you! The shot at the top is of Tyler “kissing” his reflection on our sliding glass door, and this shot of Amber is right outside our apartment door. “Real” backgrounds in nature are always nicer looking than backdrops, so get outside and find somewhere beautiful to shoot!

There you go! Using these easy tips will help you capture some amazing shots of your children that you’ll be able to always treasure!


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