Looking Hot as a Mom ~ Body Bark & Strap Tamers

We’ve all heard about, seen it, or–gulp–been victims of it. The “letting yourself go” syndrome. Pre-kiddos keeping care of yourself and looking pretty is definitely a *whole* lots more easy!
And let’s be honest–when you know the only people who will see you all day are your 10 month old and your hubby….and the fact that you’ll probably be covered in some type of baby body fluid by the end of the day, there is not a whole lot of motivation to go and get all dolled up!
But studies have shown that when we look frumpy–we feel frumpy. I know that this is definitely true in my own life! When I feel like I look great–I usually feel great. When I’m dressed in nice clothes, have my hair done, earrings in, and perfume on I feel like I”m ready to tackle the day!
I totally understand wanting and needing to stay comfortable as a mom! Thankfully there are so many fashionable options these days that are also *far* from frumpy! Body Bark is now one of my new favorite companies. I love the layered look but have always struggled with wearing uncomfortable, tight, itchy layering pieces. I spend all day tugging at them, scratching them, and then eventually just taking it off and not wearing the outfit again.
Body Bark is some of the softest material I’ve ever worn! They use natural-fiber fabric derived from beech wood and it is amazing! Their pieces can be worn alone (I’m modeling the top I was sent in these picures) but since they are so feathery thin they can easily be worn under anything without wearing bulk.
I love wearing tank tops and usually sport them all summer. I hate the fact that my bra straps always slip and slide and then I’m stuck with the same problem as under pieces–spending all day focusing on tugging and pulling–which not only is annoying–it’s also not attractive! Strap Tamers have come up with a simple and great solution where you pin their clip to the inside seam of your shirt and slide your bra strap into it. I’m wearing them in the pictures above and they’re doing their job perfectly–you can’t see them OR my bra straps!
By finding great pieces and simple fixes you can be a mom, be comfortable AND still look and feel great! And that is definitely an amazing thing!
Both of these amazing products were made by moms, for moms–and you can win them (and other great products!) in this Mompact promotion!

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