Using Gorton Dinner "Cheat Nights"

I’ve been talking a lot lately about the importance of family dinners, but that is just because it really is SO important, and it’s something I happen to be very passionate about!

I won’t go into all the details again, but just wanted to throw out a reminder that eating meals together helps children to succeed in school and be less likely to develop eating disorders and drug problems–serious stuff! You can go to The Family Dinner Project which is based right close to “home” here in New England since it’s a Harvard based project.

Let’s face it though–cooking from scratch EVERY night can get exhausting, even if you love to cook! That’s why I have several different favorite brands I turn to when I need a quick, easy, and tasty “cheat night” dinner. Gorton’s is one of these brands. They are also based close to here–just right down the road in Gloucester MA. I actually was just there last week for a playdate! Gloucester that is, not Gorton’s, haha!! Their popcorn shrimp is one of the few meals that every single member of our family loves and inhales with just a few bites. They have some great recipe ideas on their website-but we’ve found that even “straight out of the box” they are simply delish. To be honest we used to buy a different brand but I fell in love with Gorton’s breading! And when clean up involves only sticking one pan into the dishwasher then Mommy is a happy Mommy for the rest of the night!

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