Ava the Elephant vs. Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

So I really look forward to MOPs every other Thursday. This year I got set up at a great table full of sweet girls that I really enjoy spending time with–not to mention the delcious food and great speakers!

A few weeks ago I got up and was getting everything ready to go–until I woke Tyler up. Poor kiddo had blister/boil looking things ALL over his chin, upper lip, and bottom. After some searching online (and remember something a friend at Bible study had mentioned) I figured out it was Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. The Doctor told me it should really be called Hand, Foot, Mouth, and Buttocks disease since you get the boils there too (yowch!). Apparently it’s a super common childhood disease and basically is just a highly contagious super nasty virus that you just have to “wait out”.

So MOPs (and all plans for the remaining week) were cancelled and I was left with a SUPER cranky baby.

The great thing is I’d just received Ava the Elephant who soon became our good friend! Even though both my kiddos have always been great at taking medicine this new twist on taking medicine was received with much excitement. The first time that Tyler saw Ava and heard her talk, “One, Two, Three–Open Wide. Good Job!!!” He started laughing hysterically and didn’t stop. When he was so cranky and in pain this was a nice break from the crying! He loved taking his medicine from Ava–and wants to play with her when he’s not sick as well. I’d definitely recommend this fun product for any family to add a little “fun” into not so fun times!

Be sure to hop on over to Amazon and see what other moms had to say about Ava!

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