Preparing for Potty Training

As incredibly hard as it is for me to believe–in just 2 short months my “tiny baby” is going to turn 2. All of a sudden he’s past the baby stage and things like sleeping through the night, and feeding himself are milestones of the past and the preschool stage ones like ditching the paci and potty training once again loom large.

The fact that I feel that I just did this with Amber only increases my sense of bewilderment! But moving forward and growing up is just a part of this wonderful adventure–so instead of shaking my head I turn to strategy!

With Amber I found that preparing for potty training helped a lot when it actually came time to get serious about it. Buying a potty chair to get her used to seeing and sitting on it and using the Potty Tots video and book helped a lot with her so I knew that they were tricks I’d be using once again.

This time I have a new secret weapon as well! I mentioned with Amber a friend had told me about buying thicker panties so that when you were training and the inevitable accidents happened it didn’t make quite such a mess. This was good–but there still was lots of leakage involved! Antsy Pants Pull-Up Cloth Diapers are the perfect blend of cloth underwear and a diaper–like a cloth diaper but more along the lines of a Pull Up. They’re the perfect compromise for when you’re preparing or beginning Potty Training because they let the toddler feel that they’re wet or dirty–without all that gross mess everywhere!

We decided to give them a test run to make sure they stood up to their claims. One thing that I loved is that they’re super cute and Tyler was still able to do all of his crazy child maneuvers in them and they stayed put. Of course the stinker pooped in them shortly after I tried them the first time (go figure) but they are designed for that so although it re-enforced that my decision not to cloth diaper was the right one for me (lol) it was not a big deal either.

I can tell that they are going to be invaluable once we start potty training “for real”.

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