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I have had a long standing love for Kutless. As I mentioned certain cds become the soundtracks of my life, and every time I think of Kutless I’m always brought back to driving around in my little Neon, going to college, and hanging out with my cute boyfriend who introduced me to their music. I’ve been a fan ever since their very first self titled album Kutless–back when they were a lot grittier sounding. Although my now hubby (he was the cute boyfriend who told me about them!) misses their more hard core rock feel I love the band that they’ve grown and developed into and Believer is a great example of what they’ve become. Their lyrics have always been one of the things I really love about them and this album provides those on top of their great sound. The song “Even If” is now one of my new all time favorites–it is SO amazing! Here are just a few lyrics:

Sometimes all we have to hold onto is what we know is true, of who you are. So when the heartache hits like a hurricane, life can never change who You are. And we trust in who you are.

Even if the healing doesn’t come
 Life falls apart
 And dreams are still undone. 
 You are God. 
You are good, forever Faithful One, 
Even if the healing, even if the healing doesn’t come.

A M A Z I N G!

Hop on over to Amazon to read the rest of the reviews and listen to snippets of the songs (It has 4 stars so far–just because of songs like Even If and All Yours I would give it 5 stars!)

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