Beyond Hopes Valley by Tricia Goyer

So, just in case you somehow missed the Memo….I’m a bit of a book worm. Ok, ok….so more than a bit! I always have been and it still is the perfect way for me to de-stress, unwind, and get some much needed “me” time in at the end of each day. Lately I’ve been seeming to need it even more than normal…which means I have a great big ol’ stack of books to review this week!

Today’s book is Beyond Hope’s Valley by Tricia Goyer it’s the end of the Big Sky Novel’s and I have to admit I felt a little bit like the picture above–that I of course found on Pinterest! 😉

This novel brings the questions and dilemmas that have been facing Marianna, Aaron, and Ben to a close. Though I had a feeling what would happen I was still wondering till about half way through the novel. Through this series I’ve loved how it’s portrayed the Amish and the “Englisch” faith and the differences and similarities and how it all relates to a personal relationship with Christ. Through the series, and in this book especially, I appreciated the deep levels of the storyline that portrayed the consequences and sacrifice required when foolish mistakes are made. I’d happily recommend the series to anyone who enjoys Christian fiction!

You don’t have to take my word for it! (Does that remind you of Reading Rainbow?? I just had a flashback) Be sure to check out the rest of what the blog tour is saying–and hop over to Amazon to read the reviews there as well!

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