Lillybit Diaper Clutch ~ Fashion and Function as a Mom

Not too long ago I mentioned that you can still be, and should try to be, attractive as a Mom. It does wonders for your self esteem and productivity! But as fabulous as your dress and heels might look, when you’re hauling a pastel pink bag with princesses all over it that will become the focus! Now–I’m all for diaper bags that are big enough to carry all you need and more–but you really don’t need to bring the house along with you every time you leave the house. Especially when your baby gets a little older you can get away with just bringing the necessities in.

The Lillybit Diaper Clutch is amazing–it looks like a super adorable purse or clutch, but it’s really a diaper bag in disguise! It’s perfect for a wedding, church, or just errands downtown. It has a pocket for a travel wipes case, and another for diapers and an extra onsie (something I forgot on Sunday when we had the blowout I mentioned yesterday)

I love that this will grow with Tyler and even when he starts potty training I’ll be able to bring along an extra pull up and there will be room for snacks/a few toys or anything else a toddler might need!

This is definitely one of my very favorite review products to date! I think it’s a must have for any mommy!

They are coming out with a new line of exclusive prints this summer, so be sure to connect with them so you’ll know when! You can go here to enter to win one of these gorgeous clutches–along with a bunch of other wonderful products from Mom Inventors for Moms on the Go hosted by Mompact!

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