Little Super Personalized Storybook

It’s no small secret now that I’m crazy about children’s books! My very favorite books are ones that can be personalized. There is something so special about your child having a book that is all about THEM! We have several personalized storybooks for Amber, but hadn’t gotten any for Tyler up until now.

I love that even though he’s my *super* busy boy the one thing that Tyler will actually sit for is to listen to a story! (even if it is just for one minute….while he’s a “naked baby”…. haha)

The Little Super personalized story from Paper Hat Press was absolutely perfect for my little super hero! Unlike personalized storybooks that use pictures these books have artwork-but that doesn’t mean that they’re not totally personalized! You help write the storyline in a fun and easy process, and then you can even pick the super hero character that best represents your child. The storyline is as adorable as the artwork.

Tyler absolutely *loves* this book! It’s one of his first “big boy” books and I can tell it will be a favorite for years to come. Amber actually loves it just as much as he does-she gets a kick that her name gets to be in the story too!

Such a fun product and such high quality-I’d highly recommend this for a birthday, Christmas, or just an “I love you” present!

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