Wyoming Wind in Better Homes and Gardens State Fragrance

It should come as no surprise by now that I love my home state. Since spending 19 years growing up there I’ve traveled to nearly all the other states. Though I’ve fallen in love with many and will readily acknowledge their charms there is something about the wildness and uniqueness of Wyoming that will always claim the biggest part of my heart! I’m thrilled to represent my home in the  Better Homes and Gardens State Fragrance Contest!
 When I was on my quest to pick out my scent to represent my home state many different things came to mind. I would love to capture the smell of the rain-it smells better in Wyoming than anywhere else. I’d love to capture the smell of sagebrush–tangy and wild.

I ultimately decided to go with a blend of two different aspects of Wyoming.

My first choice, Lilac, stems from my childhood. One of my favorite things about the house I grew up in was was the huge Lilac Bush in the front yard. I would go and sit under it, right up next to the house and read and daydream when I was little. Up till I got married I would stick my nose right into the blossoms and breathe deep of the sweet smells of springtime and family and all things wonderful and right. 

Whenever I think about the smells of Wyoming the first word that comes to mind is fresh. With no major cities and vast wildlands-not to mention that wind that blows non-stop the air smells pure and clean. Last summer when we went up into the mountains I would just stand and gulp in big lungfuls of that amazing, clean, oh so fresh air. Fresh linen was the closest scent I could think of to respresent it.

With the combination of those two memories comes my scent–Wyoming Wind. I’ve tried it out, and if you ask me it’s absolutely heavenly!

I would absolutely love it if you would take a few moments and vote for me-and my beloved state-in the Better Homes and Gardens State Fragrance Contest! The winning blogger 10 $25 gift cards to give to their readers (you!!!)  10 randomly selected voters will be chosen to win a Wax Warmer and a 6-pack of Wax Cubes

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