Wyoming Girl turned…..

When I picked the new name to my blog about a year and a half ago I did so because at the time Bob was deployed and it looked like the hubby would be making the Coast Guard his career-which meant I had 13 more years as a Coastie Wife and the military lifestyle would be dictating my life during that time.

Fast forward a year later and we’re going from ODUs to Pollos and from Coast Guard Manuals to Text Book Rentals.

It’s not really surprising though-ever since getting married each year has brought new and unexpected twists and turns in our lives, locations, and future careers. While part of me is sad about no longer being a Coastie Wife it had gotten to the point where the military was no longer the right choice for our family.

We’ve spent the last week getting settled in to our new home in Texas and hubby is all set up to attend classes in the Spring. We met with his adviser a few days ago to figure out a game plan for him to get his bachelor degree in Chemistry and possibly looking into a dual major in Biology.

Afterwords we were talking about how awesome it is that there are so many more resources available now-like tutorial videos and being able to rent textbooks online opposed to forking out crazy money for brand new ones like we did less than 10 years ago when we both got our Associates. A really cool website that rents textbooks is CampusBookRentals.com – with every book rented they also donate to Operation Smile-so you’re saving money AND helping others-which is totally amazing!

The next two years for us will be challenging-but I think that they’ll be great too. And I’m super thankful for the GI Bill and all the other resources we have to help us out all along the way!

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