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As you might remember my hubby will be going back to college beginning in January.  We recently just attended his orientation so since I have college on the brain I decided to share this Idea for College Student Christmas gift.

 When people are back in school a practical gift is a great idea because finances are sure to be tight and anything that helps ease that up will definitely be appreciated! I hate giving gifts that aren’t at least a little bit of fun, however! That’s why I came up with the idea to make a “Ace The Exam Kit” as a Christmas present which includes:

  • C-Line Expanding File with Handles — super sleek way to keep important papers from all their different classes organized in a convenient, non-bulky way–super important in small dorm rooms!
  • C-line Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Bookthe best way to make a good impression on essays or finals is to bring the paper in a stylish presentation book–it would also be great to use to organize a cover letter and resume to bring to a job interview!
  • Stainless Steel Thermos — a must for all the coffee that will need to be consumed! Make this kit even cuter by adding a Starbucks gift card!
  • Bic Mark-It Permanent Markers – great for displays or doodling the 36 set is useful for all kinds of things!

To make the gift even more fun try giving it in a laundry basket with a few new towels and pre-made goodies. You can add a “loofa bow” like I did on my homemade Christmas Gift. A homemade card saying what each item is for and giving study tips would top it all off!
Do you have a great Christmas Gift for College Students Idea? Share it or link it in the comments!

Thanks to your one stop shop for all office supplies for providing me with two of these products!
Nicole Elliott

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