Christmas Literature for Children

Christmas Literature for Children

Since I’m a huge book lover-along with my kiddos-it’s no surprise that we also love Christmas books-reading them is a great tradition and they also make perfect gifts. Here are my very favorite books you’ll find in our personal Christmas Collection-we love them all and I’d highly recommend them-you can click through on the titles to read others reviews on Amazon and add them to your own collection!

The Snowman's Song: A Christmas Story
(you might remember My Review a few years ago!)


The Usborne Christmas Treasury (Usborne Miniature Editions)
A super fun hodge-podge of a Christmas book that includes a sweet version of Biblical Christmas Story, the story of the (real) St. Nicholas, Twas the Night Before Christmas, the story of Cinderella (though I’m not sure why that’s in there?), The Little Fir Tree (a sweet little story about a tree who becomes a Christmas tree) and a condensed version of the Nutcracker. It’s just right for Amber at 4 and it also includes several fun, easy craft ideas (shown step by step) and Christmas songs! Right now at $5.50 it’s a steal and definitely worth adding to your collection!


The Littlest Christmas Elf (Little Golden Book)
I’ve mentioned before that I Don’t Like Santa and that post still rings true. However this is one of my very favorite Christmas books ever! We had it when I was little and it brings back such nostalgia that I just had to find and purchase a copy! The story of Allister the little elf with big dreams who finds that he gets in the way and “can’t do anything right” once he arrives at the North Pole. Luckily he makes friends with a nice old elf named Nicholas and well…I won’t ruin the ending! A great story that helps teach that you’re never too small to be a big help! Used copies (like the one I purchased in great shape) start at a penny!
I actually received this book as a present when Amber was born. The gift giver explained that although she knew it would be years till I could use it she just loved it so much that she felt every family needed to have a copy. Of course that got my attention! This is the story of 2 little children who go to visit their Grandpa during Christmastime. While looking for decorations they end up finding all sorts of different items and the Grandpa describes how each item portrays an aspect of Jesus character (the manger, the door, the vine, the giver of living water, etc). This book is beautifully illustrated and I’ve never seen a book with such depth and truth written in a way that a younger child could understand-now I know why I was given it and I’m excited as this is the first year I’ll get to read it to Amber!
christmas backdrops
 There are so many great Christmas books but it’s hard to find many board books. I love this one because while it includes the well known Away in a Manger the rest of the lullabies are either English Traditional or Czech. They have poem like rhythms that are fun to read and that toddlers love-the CD (if included) is pretty fun–a little tinkly and “baby nursery music” sounding but over all sweet and nice. You can get a used copy for .99 cents!
Tonight You Are My Baby: Mary’s Christmas Gift
When I became a mother myself Mary’s role in Jesus life became so much more real and special to me! How would it have felt to hold the King of King in your arms? This book dives into those kinds of thoughts with beautiful phrases like, “I swaddle you in cloth, safely nestle you in hay. The sheep and cows are calm as I bow my head and pray. The precious donkey that brought us safely here Nuzzles you so softly, sensing God is near.” Deep enough in thought that it touches my heart with each reading the sweet rhythms also keep Amber & Tyler’s attention. I love that it easily also draws out discussion of how the babe in the manger is the King of Kings!

The Littlest Angel

Another beloved Christmas story from my childhood–this book is one of my all time favorites and as soon as I saw the new version I snatched up a copy for Amber! The story of a young Jewish boy who is sent to Heaven when he is only 4 years old it is a charming tale of God’s unconditional love and the power of a pure child like heart and faith and how the Christmas Star that lead the way to Jesus came about. Definitely should be read as an allegory/fable (as, no, I don’t believe people become angels when they die). This new edition has different pictures than the one I grew up with-and while they are beautiful I will still always have a soft spot for the 1980s version!

So there are all my favorites! What are your favorite Christmas Children’s Books? Please let me know in the comments!

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