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What is your Gift Personality? According to Carla Anne I’m a The Prove-That-You-Know-Me Personality — and it’s really true! I love gifts that show that the gift giver knows me inside and out. I definitely tend to drop hints and give lists to see if they were paying attention! I also am this way when it comes to giving gifts–it’s important to me to give everyone a gift that they are going to LOVE and USE so I try to make sure it’s always something they will be thrilled with. I’m well known for giving amazing gifts (or so I’m told) so each year I feel the pressure to keep the awesomeness a’coming!

Wyoming Forest

One of my very favorite gifts to give is personalized canvas prints. We all have a smattering of photographic talent in my family (my dad was an artist–could have gotten a full ride scholarship but turned it down for a big money job and my mom was a newspaper photographer) As you know I love to dabble in photography but I think the real talent in our family landed in my younger brother Ryan (remember–the one who’s getting married??!!) He took the breathtaking picture above that turned into one gorgeous piece of art!

Wyoming Canvas

My other brother recently remolded his entire downstairs himself and they painted their new master bedroom a gorgeous blue shade. I knew that they will be needing decor for the room so I thought that this picture from one of our camping trips together would be the perfect gift this Christmas! I adore wrapped canvas and I love how high quality this one from Printcopia is–and the fact that they had the option to do a mirrored image on the sides lends an extra beautiful feel!

Wyoming Canvas

The reason canvas prints are my favorite is because they have such a gorgeous textured look to them that really turns a regular picture into a piece of art. I hope that this will be one of those LOVE it gifts for my brother–but I’m sure that it will!

Another great personalized gift to make would be a fun car magnet promoting a beloved cause or a custom banner sharing an inside joke!

What is your favorite personalized gift to give? What is your Gift Personality! Let me know in the comments!

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