Mamavation Monday ~ Here We Go Again

At the wedding before losing 6 lbs-I’m pretty happy with where I am but would love to lose my chunky arms!

 Hello there! It’s been (quite) awhile since I posted a Mamavation Monday! Between the holidays, the wedding, traveling, and catching back to back nasty bugs that I’m still recovering from it’s been quite the up and down on the scale adventure since I last checked in!

The *good* news is that the one good thing that came out of being sick over Christmas was that I finally broke that blasted 135 mark and as of yesterday I weighed in at 134.2 At once point I was down to 132 but now that we’re back in Texas I’ve gained back a few of the lost-while-sicker-than-a-dog pounds. I’m hoping to jump back into running again tomorrow, though, so that I will be back on track once again!

 My “get healthy” plan for 2013 looks the same as it has since we got down here–less snacking on treats at night and swapping them out with either gum or fruit, keeping a food journal, and running 3 times a week.

I’ll give you an update next week on how the rest of this week goes–here’s to staying *underneath* my 135 lb mark!!!

How is your fitness/weightloss/wellness plan for 2013 going?

Nicole Elliott

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