Mamavation, Motivation, & Makeup!

This week’s “selfy” wearing a fun Spring dress and modeling Iman’s new BB Crème

 This week my slim & trim quest continued along with the norm of juggling all it is that I do and trying to adjust my schedule as new curve balls my way!

After a few weeks of trying running at night I’m definitely going to stick to it, however I’ve found that trying to run 3 nights a week just isn’t happening with how busy our schedule is and how many different people I have to try to work my schedule around right now. So for the time being I’m going to switch to 2 nights a week (Thursday and Friday) for one mile.

 I’m excited to finally see my time improving, my weight going down, and I no longer DREAD running–I’m not loving it but those 3 things are huge motivation boosters!

Here’s my update for the past week:

The Scale: 134 –back down again!!! Now it’s time to keep it there and keep it going down, down, down
The Treadmill: Ran twice for 1 mile clocking in at 11:16 & 11:15 –personal bests!
 This Week: Easter–oh Easter. The kids have 5 (yes FIVE) Easter Egg hunts this week–so that means that there will be a huge influx of candy! I’ve been doing really well lately with my cookie in a mug trick-instead of wasting my “sweet tooth” calories here and there and over doing it by snacking ALL night long I have one cookie in a cup and I’m left satisfied–plus knowing I can have something I love makes it easier to say no to things that I don’t (like cupcakes at a party, a pop, or candy).

In the meantime keeping myself looking and feeling pretty is always important in terms of motivation and making the most of what I have right now! If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that my latest makeup love is BB Cream! Now that I’m hooked on it I want to try it all and see what works perfectly for me!

My latest BB Cream to try was IMAN’s new BB Crème! It’s actually made for women of color and, well…., you can probably tell that despite some hispanic roots (Grandpa was 1/2 Irish, 1/2 Spanish) I’m about as pale as they come! 🙂 Because of this even the lightest shade is just a smidge too dark for me (see the picture of me modeling it up above) However this means that it will be *perfect* this summer when the hot Texas sun gives me a tiny bit more color!

This BB Creme also contains SPF 15 so it has that kind of a texture to it as well and spreads on like a mix of foundation & sunscreen would. It also provides the coverage that I’ve come to expect from a BB Creme–slightly lighter than a light foundation. It provides evening without thick coverage-so for any problem spots don’t forget to touch up with concealer!

One very cool thing is that IMAN’s is having a bunch of awesome in-store events where you can find out more information about this new product! Be sure to check out the IMAN’s Facebook Event list  to find one near you!

Two Lucky Winners Will Receive BB Crème samples: Shades Clay Med and Earth Med, IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Lip Shimmer: Crystal, and Luxury Lip Pencil: Tan. (Total Package Value $20.00)

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