Spring Clean Your Style with a Custom Made Dress!

Next week in Organizing in Small Spaces I’ll be covering how to organize your closet in less than one minute a day! Since this week is Easter, however, first I wanted to do a post on Spring Cleaning Your Style–because it makes no sense to be organizing a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear, don’t fit, or hate–we’ll talk a little more about that next week but on to the fun post this week!

  Lately I’ve talked about refreshing your makeup but I haven’t touched on clothes in awhile. Spring is the perfect time to give yourself a fresh, new look by purchasing some of the great new Spring Clothes that are out!

As you all know this Sunday is Easter. Growing up I loved Easter for many different reasons–the egg hunts, Easter basket, and the Easter Story were factors, of course! But one very fun tradition was that each year I got a new, special Easter dress to wear to church on Easter Sunday. This pretty much continued the entire time I was at home, and now I’ve continued the traditional on with Amber. However I stopped this tradition for myself–I’d quit growing (well, ehem, I try to keep from growing) so the dresses that fit when I was 18 still fit (for the most part???).

Since I’ve been clearing through my own closet since we downgraded from a huge walk-in I’ve been giving all my church dresses a critical eye. Just because it still “sort of fits” should I be hanging on to dress that is going on 10 years old now and looked much better on that pre-baby body??? Not so much!

The beautiful thing about the day and age we live in is that you can custom order dresses from places like eShakti so that they are perfectly tailored to your body type and needs–a huge bonus for those of us who know that even once you hit that “pre-baby” weight on the scale it looks a *whole* lot different on you know than it did before! They offer everything from offer size 0-36W and you custom tailor each part of your outfit for no additional charge! So basically everyone can find a dress in a style and shape that will perfectly fit their body and accentuate their best features! The older I get the more I realize that I’d rather have 5 dresses that I spent a little more money on that I LOVE than 20 that don’t fit well and that I don’t wear that might have been bargain buys. So after ditching several of my “days gone by” outfits I ordered the darling Victoria dress in lilac (which they’re actually out of now–but they have equally lovely watermellon, cream, and navy options)

I loved the ruffles that give the top a fun, flirty, interesting flair (even when they don’t lay or stand up exactly right they pull it off because they’re ruffles) and the dress is cinched in at my narrowest point–my natural waist (yey for that!) Here in Texas the days are going to be scorching before long so knee length and sleeveless were the way to go but I love that the dress is still modest enough to wear to church each week!

Oh–and another amazing thing about eShatki? They celebrate REAL beauty of REAL women (like me!!) they have a whole gallery dedicated to Real Fashion for Real People–pictures that customers and bloggers have sent in of themselves rocking eShatki’s amazing styles! I encourage you to look through it–it will encourage and uplift you just like it did me!

How are you Spring Cleaning your Style? Leave me a comment and let me know–I love to be inspired by you!

I was sent my beautimous Victoria dress by the lovlies over at eShatki for my review–any pretend modeling pictures, organization tips or opinionated-ness is, as always, all my own.

Nicole Elliott

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