Easter, April Fools, & Gators

Happy Christmas, Merry Birthday!

 Ok, happy April Fools! I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter yesterday and a fun day today! I’ll probably do a post on it this Wednesday but our Easter {week} was a very nice one this year. But considering that last Easter we were dealing with Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease and the year before I’d just lost my Grandpa, Tyler had just gotten out of the ICU, and hubby was deployed–basically anything would have been a step up!!! (why is it that I always seem to have really hard times in my life right before Easter??!! Goodness!)

Today we went to the Mineola Nature Preserve for a playdate and, no fooling, saw an Alligator in one of the ponds!!! I was so excited–it was the first time I’d seen one outside of a zoo or reptile garden type place! More pictures of that to come as well–but here’s an Instagram in the meantime!

But anywho, onto this week’s update!

The Scale: 133.9 This was one of those weeks I was all over the place-so I think from now on I’m going to start writing down my weight daily (I already weigh myself daily, just don’t usually record it) and do the average of the week since I fluctuate about 1/2 a lb between days each week even if I try to weigh in at a consistent time, anywho!

The Treadmill: Once, One Mile, 11:16 Due to Good Friday my Father-in-Law came in on Thursday late afternoon and it was all chaos after that point.

This Week: We’re back to a “normalish” week so I’m hoping to run twice and I went on about a mile walk with the kiddos today at the nature preserve to get to that alligator!

Tell me something cool that you did last week!

Nicole Elliott

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