Pretty As a Princess

Pretty As a Princess Hair Products for Little Girls

Pretty As a Princess ~ Hair Products for Little Girls

“Aren’t I just SO pretty??!!”

That’s a pretty common saying around here these days–from Amber of course, and usually after she’s put on her clothes and brushed her hair by herself. So much the “big girl” now she is in that fun stage where everything is innocent and fun while being big enough to carry on an entire (if sometimes hillarious) conversation!

 Her “big girl” status also means that her hair needs some “big girl” shampoo & conditioner that works great since she insists on brushing her own hair and still cringes and “ows” at tangles. (Which her plentiful but very fine and silky hair gets *lots* of) Finding a great shampoo & conditioner for her has always been a challenge due to her eczema. Baby products no longer make the cut and it’s super hard to find “big kid” products that aren’t full of nasty chemicals and artificial scents that make her break out.

When I heard about Eco Princess products I knew I wanted to try them out! The line offers an organic line of kids bath time products and play makeup for little girls–very cool! We were sent the Detangling Conditioner and Citrus Shampoo to try out on Princess Amber. I love when companies take a few extra steps to make you feel like you’re getting a gift in the mail and that’s exactly what I received with Eco Princess as you can see in the picture above!
 I have been so impressed with the quality of these products! The shampoo has a great, fresh scent that lathers nicely (see above, haha) and, most importantly, it cleans well and doesn’t break Amber out–yey! Since I can only bathe her a few times a week (again–due to her eczema) it’s really important for the shampoo we use to work very well and this definitely fits the bill.
The conditioner is excellent as well–it’s super thick, rich, and creamy (see the top picture) and does a great job of leaving Amber’s hair soft, shiny, and tangle free! I absolutely love these products and just shot my mom and MIL an email asking that they add the Bubble Bath and Makeup sets to their Christmas list for Amber!
Country Baby Handmade Flower Hair Clips

Of course once her hair is soft and shiny I have to take it up a notch by using one of those uber popular bows and clips in it! (Headbands have never worked for Amber, but we love us some flower clips!)

The clips that I have the most of and that I have been the most impressed with consistently as far as adorable factor, quality, and durability are those from Country Baby Handmade — her Etsy Shop is seriously wonderful and if you look through any of my personal Facebook photo albums you’re bound to find at least one picture of Amber wearing one of these silk bloom clips! (you might remember them from her 5 Year Old pictures) Our most recent love from this shop is the Shabby Rose Hair Clip set–oh my soul–SO cute!!!! I love that these are really easy to dress up or down and come in colors you might not usually find. Amber wore the pale green one with her Easter dress then when we changed her to dye eggs it continued to look adorable!

In case your new to her awesome shop she has a code out right now for new customers:  NEWTOSHOP gets 10 % off of your total purchase before shipping!

Country Baby Handmade Flower Hair Clips

What are your best and favorite products to make your little one Pretty as a Princess–leave me a comment and let’s chat about them!

Nicole Elliott

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