Operation 10 Weeks to Short Shorts

Here in Texas it’s about to get hot—really hot. And that means that soon my staple wardrobe of jeans and a loose, comfy t-shirt or blouse with boots isn’t really going to cut it any more. No in the 100 degree 100% humidity days of Texas a tank top and shorts are the only way to cut it. In fact we’re planning on going to a big pool & volleyball party at Bob’s uncles place in the middle of June (not to mention all the zoo trips, splash park adventures, etc that we’ll be doing/attending during the summer).

Hmmm…a volleyball and pool party. To me that says that everyone is going to be parading around in swimsuits and cover ups, and right now there’s no way I’d be comfortable parading around all day in short shorts let alone a swimming suit (even modest ones!!)
So—Operation Short Shorts has begun to get me into Texas apparel ready shape!
If you’ve been following my slim  & trim journey at all over the past 3 years you’ve picked up on the fact that I know what I need to do-I just have a hard time actually doing it. I’ve tried several different things: websites, apps, a reward jar, etc.—but none of it ever “sticks” and while my friends have gone on to get down past their goal weights I’m still stuck at “stuck”weight—only dipping below it when I fell super sick for several weeks in a row!
The party (and the thought of my flabby arms, Jiggly thighs, and love handles all on display) are great motivation though! I can look pretty hot right now because I know how to wear clothes that strategically hide my flaw areas so it’s hard to get motivated—there is no such luck in summer wear, however, so it really is time to get into gear!
I’ve decided to break it into bite-sized pieces and implement all the things I know I should be doing. I’m giving myself one little goal to focus on each week and then I’ll build upon them each week. This way I’m tackling it one baby step at a time. I’m not giving myself any “goal” weight to have as I know it’s going to be hard to lose weight—but I also know that once I get these good habits into place it will help me to get where I need to be and improve my health overall! So here is the break down of what I’m planning on doing—starting this week!
My “before” picture taken last week
 I’m also taking a before picture in my goal outfit (in addition to the one above) and starting measurements—but sorry those are for my eyes only 😉
Starting Weight: 134.6
Week 1 April 14-20th: Write Down Fruits and Veggies Eaten Daily I’m awful at keeping any type of a food journal—and I’ve tried them all. When I heard this idea though I thought it was great because it’s just a few little things to write down each day, but makes you conscious of if you’re actually eating these essential weight loss foods each day!
Week 2 April 21-27th: Write Down Sweets Eaten Daily (same mentality as before-I’m not going to be trying to cut back yet, but this will make me more aware of how many I’m consuming each day)
Week 3 April 28-May 4th: Workout 3 times (these days it’s super hard for me to squeeze in even 2 workout a week, but as my friend reminded me, you do what you do not because it’s easy but because you’re determined!)
Week 4 May 5-11th: 1 Pepsi every 2 Weeks (I never realized how often I do drink the sweet stuff until I tried to go without it for 40 days—which I totally failed miserably at by the way—the experience helped me to see that my “once or twice a month” was really more like “once or twice a week” and that needs to stop since I really don’t even love it all that much!)
Week 5 May 12-18th:Write Down Fruits, Veggies, & Sweets Eaten Daily; Workout 3 times, No Pepsi I hope to build upon each new habit each week—since I’ll have several new things I’m doing at this point I want a week to just build upon and strengthen these!
Week 6 May 19-25th: Fist Sized Portions I’ve always been told that an easy rule of thumb for proper portion sizing is to make a fist and that’s how much you (and your child) should be eating for each dish. Because I’m guilty of loading up my plate (and going back for seconds) proper portions of foods like meat and starchy foods have always been a hard thing for me. I’m hoping that my new fruit and veggie habit (no need for fist sized portions there) will help fill me up and satisfy so I can start cutting back on the other stuff!
Week 7 May 26th- June 1st :  1 Sweet Each Day By this point I’d love to move to having one small sweet a day. I get the worst late night sweet cravings and they always are my undoing (that and eating 5 cookies at once…yeah) but I digress. At 7 weeks of good habits I hope to slowly wean my sweet tooth a bit. I want to eventually get down to every other day to 3 days a week–but my biggest mistakes in the past have come when I try to do everything cold turkey, all at once, can’t do it, then go “Oh well I messed up so I might as well not bother the rest of this week.”
Week 8 June 2-8th:  Write Down Fruits, Veggies, & Sweets Eaten Daily; Workout 3 times, Fist Sized Portions, 1 Sweet Each Day, 1 Pepsi every 2 Weeks These are all going to be super big changes for me I know I’m going to trip up along the way, so the last 3 weeks will be dedicated to perfecting and ingraining these into real lifestyle changes!
Week 9 June 9-15th:Write Down Fruits, Veggies, & Sweets Eaten Daily; Workout 3 times, Fist Sized Portions, 1 Sweet Each Day, 1 Pepsi every 2 Weeks
Week 10 June 16th – 22nd: Write Down Fruits, Veggies, & Sweets Eaten Daily; Workout 3 times, Fist Sized Portions, 1 Sweet Each Day, 1 Pepsi every 2 Weeks
The first official day of summer is June 21st – I hope after 10 weeks of revamping my habits step by step I will finally be successful and ready to rock those Short Shorts!!
I would LOVE to have some buddies to do this with me! Let me know if you want to follow along with my plan or come up with your own Operation Short Shorts! I’ll be sure to come cheer you along too!

Nicole Elliott

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