OSS Week 2 & Kushyfoot Feet!

Operation Short Shorts continues plus super fun, cute Kushyfoot Feet pictures!
As a reminder:
last week was Week 2 April 21-27th: Write Down Sweets Eaten Daily (same mentality as before-I’m not going to be trying to cut back yet, but this will make me more aware of how many I’m consuming each day)
Week 2 went well, though not quite as well as Week 1. I did record but the whole week was a little off for one reason or another. I did record and payed more attention to what I was eating so that helped, and I continued with more fruits and veggies–yey and yum!
The scale: Since I’ve actually been eating more food lately I’m hanging out right around the same, expecting the number to start dipping after…….
This week:
Week 3 April 28-May 4th: Workout 3 times (these days it’s super hard for me to squeeze in even 2 workout a week, but as my friend reminded me, you do what you do not because it’s easy but because you’re determined!)
Fun stuff since how you look not only has to do with how you exercise, but how you dress—>
KushyFoot Mary Jane
So seriously how CUTE are these? As it gets hotter and hotter here in Texas I’m quickly swapping out my boots for high heels and flats. The problem with that, however, is blisters and stinky feet (come on, you know it happens when you stick your bare feet into Mary Janes)! So what’s a girl to do?
Mary Jane Kushyfoot
I recently picked up some low cut socks at a shoe store when hubby picked up some new sandals. I ended up hating them because every time I wear them they end up slipping off of my heel and under my foot–drives me crazy! So when I was sent a package of Kushyfoot I was excited to try them out and see if they’d be better than my dismal failure socks.
Kushyfoot socks
So how did they match up? I *love* my new Kushfoot covers! These darling Lace Mary Jane’s are my favorite but I got sent a bunch of fun ones to try out. The reasons I love them are that to fix that slipping problem I’d mentioned they have these little sticky strips on the heel to keep it in place–you don’t notice it at all except that your socks aren’t slipping all over the place! They make plain ones that are thin cotton that are super comfy but keep your feet from getting stinky (because, come on, that’s just not attractive is it?) and then they also have the super fun, flirty lace ones as well. I also love that they come with padded sole which is awesome for helping these darling but painful wedges feel so much better. I’m going to give my crummy socks (which cost just as much as Kushyfoot!) and get rid of them and buy more of these!

Give me some encouragement for how to squeeze in an extra workout or let me know how you keep your feet cute and not stinky!

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