5 Ways to Keep Kids Healthy and Happy While Traveling *Guest Post*

I’m sure you have fond memories of traveling as a child. Those long road trips to grandma’s house or the family road trip every year were fun times. Now you have kids of your own and you want to make sure that their experience is just as fun. Planning ahead can ensure that everyone has a safe, fun and memorable time.


5 Ways to Keep Kids Healthy and Happy While Traveling

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How To Organize & De-clutter Your Closet in One Minute a Day

How To Organize & De-clutter Your Closet in One Minute a Day

How To Organize & De-clutter Your Closet in One Minute a Day

I mentioned recently that my motto right now is “work smarter, not harder”. This means that I try to organize and clean as quickly and efficiently as possible so I have more time to do other things–like work, spend time with family, and squeeze in some “me time” in there somewhere!

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How Do They Do It? My insights on military service

Coast Guard
Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: My favorite *ever* restaurant contacted me to see if I’d like to do a compensated post for them honoring our military members– Dream. Come. True.

 How Do They Do It? My insights on military service

“Oh, I admire you so much because I just couldn’t do it”

Words that I heard many, many times through my many moves, deployment, and separations from hubby as a military spouse.

But you want to know a little secret? I never thought I could do it either. That’s the funny thing about serving our country–many of the toughest parts of it you just really don’t  think you can do, but then, somehow, you go ahead and do them anyways.

That’s because when you love something or someone–really love them–it’s worth the sacrifice.

It’s worth the late nights and early mornings. The tearful goodbyes and the constant moves. The danger, the drama, the mundane.

Serving our country whether it’s active duty or in the role of a military family is definitely not for the faint of heart. However, the people in it and their spouses aren’t really any different than you. They don’t serve because somehow any of it is easier on them, and they’re not somehow stronger than you are. They do it because they love each other, and because they  love their country. 

But perhaps, after all, that does make it just a little bit better.

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Space Warriors Giveaway!

I have a  soft place in my heart for family friendly movies–and this one looks like it has a lot of potential for being very fun and cute so I thought I’d share it with you!

Watch Space Warriors on Hallmark Channel May 31st at 8/7C for your chance to win a trip for the whole family to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s Space Camp! Keep an eye out for the secret keyword for a chance to go on location where Space Warriors was filmed and train like a real astronaut!

Here is the Space Warriors Movie Trailer  if you’d like to see more!

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The Top Christian Apparel Website – C28.com!

B Not of This World c28.com
Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: Want to know what makes me happy, happy, happy? Getting to gush a little about a brand I’ve loved for years especially when they send me a shirt to do so. All fashion faces (however well or badly attempted) before mentioned gushing, and previous gift purchase mentioned are my own.

The Top Christian Apparel Website – C28.com!

I love C28.com and have for over 5 years now! In my opinion they’re the hands down the top Christian apparel website there is! Every Christmas someone in my family ends up with at least one shirt from C28.com — usually from my parents or from me. This past Christmas I bought my brother Ryan one of the awesome Guys Button Down shirts which are perfect for church because they’re dressy but really fun and stylish at the same time. And my Mom and Dad almost always get me and Hannah a Fashion Top–which I love because they’re long, loose, and modest while also being very edgy and fun.

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LD Products Grill Giveaway

Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: Grilling + Giveaways + Getting Money to share it all with you = Epic Winning ’nuff said

In Texas, grilling is an art form and it’s also *everywhere*!!! Whether it’s Rudy’s BBQ or an every other week backyard bash grilling is pretty much a staple of our lives these days. So, naturally, we’ll be cooking out this weekend (pulled pork, yummm) and I wanted you all to be able to get in on the celebration too by having a chance to win the best Father’s Day gift ever!!

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Easy Ice Cream Cone Birthday Cake

So July is birthday central in the Elliott household. THREE of our four family members have birthdays in July! (poor little Amber is the odd ball–how she ended up in February is still a mystery!) In addition to that my childhood bestie, niece, sister, are all also July babies–and my little nephew is due this July as well!

So, obviously that means that there are a whole lot of celebrations to plan and cakes to make! For Amber’s birthday I did cupcakes because for little ones they just seem a whole lot easier. When I saw this beyond adorable infographic on how to make Easy Ice Cream Cone Birthday Cake I knew that I just had to share it with you as it looks like it would be perfect for Tyler’s birthday and little 3 year old hands to grab!

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Pesto Tortellini Recipe – In Under 20 Minutes!

Pesto Tortellini Recipe - in Under 20 Minutes
You all know how much I love Collective Bias® ! Recently they gave me a heads up about the all new Tyson Foods Toppings (Bacon Pieces) I immediately knew they would be perfect in this easy and delicious family favorite and the fact I’m getting compensated for it is the icing on the cake! All smart hubbies, spilled bacon, and drooling are my own.

This week I wanted to bring you yet another great recipe from my hubby! Even better, this time it has a double score of being a hubby recipe that’s also one of my (in)famous cheat night meal solutions which means that this  Pesto Tortellini is ready in under 20 minutes! The awesomeness continues as it requires just four–yes you read that right–four ingredients (errr packages) including the all new Tyson Bacon Pieces that I recently found while shopping at Walmart!

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Five Things You’re Forgetting to Bring to Your Pool Playdate

Five Things You're Forgetting to Bring to Your Pool Playdate
Knowing me I would have forgotten to bring these five things along as well but thankfully I had some lovely people send me my Ladies Scala Visor and the BabyGanics Sunscreen to test out on our pool date. All other forgotten items, big floppy hat selfies, and hooded children are my own.

As moms you’d think that clearly we should have it all together all the time, right?! If you’re like me that statement makes you laugh! Remember, I’m a Real Mom! So in case you’re not perfect like me here’s my list of Five Things You’re Forgetting to Bring to Your Pool Playdate!

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Time To Get Serious ~ OSS Week 6

We kicked off the Pool Season today! Which means that I REALLY need to get down to business!

If you subscribe to my blog via email (which—you totally should! I make it super easy for you–see right there on the top on the right?!)  You probably noticed that I was a little MIA last week.

That was because hubby got a call letting him know that he got the summer internship we were all hoping for-great news Yey! The bad part? It means he’ll be living several hours away all summer (booo—thought we were done with that nonsense after he got out of the military) so since I was soon to be with no hubby I literally dropped all but my “absolutely HAVE to do” things for the rest of the week and we just hung out BBQing, going to movies (new Star Trek–yey!), and in general just having lots of fun! (oh and we snuck in a trip to LEGO Kids Fest too to give him some alone time to pack up).

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