Operation Short Shorts Fail & My Ellie Pick Me Up Plan!

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It was bound to happen sooner or later, and I’m happy that it was sooner, rather than later. Last week was a complete flop for Operation Short Shorts. Both the kids and I were half sick all week long and just through a bunch of different things I felt “off” all week so OSS went out the window.

I’m happy to report that we’re all back on track this week–and I even ran a mile at 10 minutes exactly last night–another personal best AND had lemon water with pizza instead of Pepsi last night! 🙂 So picking myself up and getting right back on the bandwagon–and hopefully next week I’ll finally be able to report some scale success for the first time since now is when I’m starting to cut into my food/sugar intake which will be the hardest, but most beneficial, part of OSS.

So the plan for this week:

Week 4 May 5-11th: 1 Pepsi every 2 Weeks (I never realized how often I do drink the sweet stuff until I tried to go without it for 40 days—which I totally failed miserably at by the way—the experience helped me to see that my “once or twice a month” was really more like “once or twice a week” and that needs to stop since I really don’t even love it all that much!)

Just Run
Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: In order to help motivate me I was sent these awesome Ellie pieces! All OSS fails, sweat, crazy blurry cool pictures and lumps are my own!

I’ve said many times on here that it’s important to look your best even when you stay at home because it affects how you act and how you view yourself! I’ve found that this is true even when I’m working out! When I’m wearing sloppy, over-sized clothes I feel even more frumpy and disgruntled and unmotivated. That’s why when I heard about  Ellie and it’s great program where their mission is to show you that the highest quality active-wear is no longer an overpriced luxury item, but something every woman deserves I wanted to try them out! You can shop any individual piece you want on Ellie.com. Or if you love monthly goodies in the mail you can join their Fit Fashionista Club and choose any two pieces (at any price!) for just $49.95 per month.

Ellie Workout Clothes

Ok–hahaha! Please excuse my goofy face look in the picture above–I was trying to make a “Oh yeah I’m going to go run a mile!” face and, well, I thought I’d put this picture up just to show you that even when you’re a beauty blogger you look like a total goofball for the camera sometimes 😉

But moving on! Notice instead the awesome yet comfy clothes I was sent from Ellie–the t-shirt is this super, duper soft material–I actually have slept in it a few nights it’s THAT comfy! But it’s also perfect for running in because it wicks away sweat while I’m running. I’ve worn and washed it several times now and it always comes out feeling just as soft and like “brand new”. It also fits “just right” for a workout piece–it’s not huge on me but it also hugs a few areas so that when I look into the mirror I go, “yepp, gotta run so I get these lumps gone!” Haha! (hey, it’s true!) The leggings are awesome as well! They do such a great job of lifting, supporting, and smoothing–almost like shapewear (I promise my legs don’t look this good sans leggings–otherwise Operation Short Shorts wouldn’t be in effect right now) but they’re surprisingly comfortable to run in as well! I wanted proof for you all that I really do workout in Ellie gear and put it to the highest tests, so I set up a self timer and snapped the first picture mid-mile. Now you know what my workout zone looks like!

I don’t often like to spend a lot of money on clothes but when it comes to work out apparel you put it through so much that buying higher quality clothing and shoes with help it last that much longer and not get gross!

Even better–right now because you’re my readers you can

Save 20% on Ellie!

Cool right?? So go check them out and reward your work out routine with some great new pieces–or if you’re like me get some to help motivate you towards those changes you need to be making!

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6 thoughts on “Operation Short Shorts Fail & My Ellie Pick Me Up Plan!”

  1. I LOVE your gear! So pretty! Every little bit helps, so I am all for wearing something snazzier than baggy shirts and shorts.
    All the best with OSS
    You CAN do it!

  2. Cute clothes! I think your face makes you look like a hardcore runner 🙂 I would so love to buy me new workout clothes….but I don’t think hubby would listen since I don’t actually work out. You’re motivating me though. One of these days I’m going to get back into it.

    1. Oh good! See that was what I was going for then I looked at the picture and went Hmmm…I more look like a little girl goofily trying to look like a super model, Hehehe!

      Bahahahaha!!!! That seriously made me laugh “I would so love to buy me new workout clothes….but I don’t think hubby would listen since I don’t actually work out.” 😀 You should! One of the main reasons I started it was so that I would get more energy to do ALL of the things I love to do but that exhaust me–I’m sure you can relate 😉

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