The good news and the bad news OSS Week 5

Sooo….do you want the good news first, or the bad news?

How about both mixed in together? Sounds good to me!

Joes Crab Shack

So the good news is that I had a very fun week filled with going out for Mexican food to celebrate hubbies last day of school (for this semester;, a movie (Oblivion, soooo good!) and BBQ afternoon date to Rudy’s and ice cream with hubby; a day spent doing busy, fun, outside projects with hubby and a quick lunch date alone to Burger King; a day road trip to Shrevport, LA to celebrate Mother’s Day with shopping and Joe’s Crab Shack; grilled burgers and Italian sausage that night, courtesy of the boys; and steak dinner grilled to perfect at home with potato salad (also courtesy of our boys) for actual Mother’s Day yesterday.

So…..after that last paragraph of the super fun, super good news-do I even need to explain how any of that would translate into *bad* news for Operation Short Shorts??? Especially since last week was supposed to start:

Week 4 May 5-11th: 1 Pepsi every 2 Weeks (I never realized how often I do drink the sweet stuff until I tried to go without it for 40 days—which I totally failed miserably at by the way—the experience helped me to see that my “once or twice a month” was really more like “once or twice a week” and that needs to stop since I really don’t even love it all that much!)

Hmmm….yeah. Needless to say–it didn’t happen!!!!  I, in fact, had Pepsi 3 days last week O.o However the GOOD news is that I did actually ordered lemon water the rest of the times which I’ve never done before! I also didn’t get any snacks or drinks at the theater (that popcorn was hard to pass up but I did since I knew I should NOT get that and ice cream later!) also I did fairly well about only having one sweet a day or cutting back on other meals the days we ate out–well until yesterday when I made chocolate chip cookies and me and my MIL pigged out on them O.o

Soooo yes…the scale is not my friend at all right now. 🙁 I’m actually up a few pounds from my beginning weight, arg. This week is my maintenance week-so I’m going to crack back down on the things I’ve been learning and:

Week 5 May 12-18th:Write Down Fruits, Veggies, & Sweets Eaten Daily; Workout 3 times, 1 Pepsi serving when eating out every 2 weeks I hope to build upon each new habit each week—since I’ll have several new things I’m doing at this point I want a week to just build upon and strengthen these!

One last good thing is that I ran my best mile ever–in 10 minutes flat! Last week–so another good thing!

I have my first Pool party date of the season next Monday and knowing that I’m actually *backwards* from my goal is going to spur me on to be super good the remainder of this week and get back down to at least my start weight! Next week is when I begin to cut back on portion sizes, and I know that will be when I begin to really see the differences!

10 thoughts on “The good news and the bad news OSS Week 5”

  • Honestly I tend to loose more weight after weeks like this. For some reason having a splurge week seems to jump start the metabolism. So I bet next week you’ll like the numbers more 🙂

  • Sounds to me like you’re doing great things! You’ve got a plan, and you’re following through. Sometimes I struggle with that most of all, so great place to start!

    • Awww thanks Heather! It seems like I can’t manage to do anything without a plan in life so I figured that really spelling it out would help simplify things for me!

  • Have fun with the ever-evolving balanced approach to OSS. It sounds like summer is here for you so above all have fun with your goals!

    • Thank you! I’m hoping this balanced approach will *finally* get me to where I need to be! 🙂 And yes–summer has definitely arrived in Texas!

  • Sound slike you’ve had a busy week, but with lots of great stuff going on! Don’t let the scale stop you, just remember tomorrow is a new day, and you can make good choices moving forward. I used to be a big soda drinker. Multiple sodas in a day. I found I had to quit it completely. And now that I haven’t drank soda (other than a couple sprites) in nearly 5 years, When I have a had a sip here or there it grosses me out and I always wonder what I expect! I stick with water or unsweet tea, both with lemon. And I find I’m not craving the syrupy-sodas anymore! I’m sure next week will be great for you, I agree with Heather about the metabolism getting a jump start!

    • Awwww thank you! And that’s great to know! It’s always encouraging to talk to people who have given it up and are much happier for it! 🙂 I always think I don’t really love it that much–until I try to give it up, haha! 🙂

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