Time To Get Serious ~ OSS Week 6

We kicked off the Pool Season today! Which means that I REALLY need to get down to business!

If you subscribe to my blog via email (which—you totally should! I make it super easy for you–see right there on the top on the right?!)  You probably noticed that I was a little MIA last week.

That was because hubby got a call letting him know that he got the summer internship we were all hoping for-great news Yey! The bad part? It means he’ll be living several hours away all summer (booo—thought we were done with that nonsense after he got out of the military) so since I was soon to be with no hubby I literally dropped all but my “absolutely HAVE to do” things for the rest of the week and we just hung out BBQing, going to movies (new Star Trek–yey!), and in general just having lots of fun! (oh and we snuck in a trip to LEGO Kids Fest too to give him some alone time to pack up).

So–again without mentioning it you should probably figure that OSS went whizzing out the window with the rest of my to do list, and you’d be right! *However* although I didn’t keep track or run any miles, I was careful to be a little more cautious about my eating and indulging (like bringing water with me to drink at Whaterburger and ordering a Salad at the Mexican restaurant) since I didn’t want that number on the scale to creep any higher–and it didn’t, thankfully! I’m still not down to even my OSS beginning weight, however, so this week it’s *time to get serious*

Week 6 May 19-25th: Fist Sized Portions I’ve always been told that an super easy rule of thumb for proper portion sizing is to make a fist and that’s how much you (and your child) should be eating for each dish. Because I’m guilty of loading up my plate (and going back for seconds) proper portions of foods like meat and starchy foods have always been a hard thing for me. I’m hoping that my new fruit and veggie habit (no need for fist sized portions there) will help fill me up and satisfy so I can start cutting back on the other stuff!

This week I’ll start up again with my first 5 week tasks as well as adding much needed portion control! This should actually be easier this week since hubby is gone and I’ll be able to focus in on super healthy food that he turns his nose up at when he’s around–like the delicious homemade veggie soup I have in my crock pot right now!

So here’s to *finally* getting back on track and sticking with it until that number finally goes down down down–just one month to go!

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4 thoughts on “Time To Get Serious ~ OSS Week 6”

  • Congratulations to your hubby for this opportunity. It has to be bittersweet for your family. I am glad you are taking the opportunity to reset what you consume as some sort of silver lining. OSS back on track!

    • Yes, it’s definitely bittersweet but we always try to focus on the sweet and always find that silver lining. Woo Hoo for being back on track! 🙂

  • Congrats to your hubby but man all summer kind of stinks! Will he be able to come home on weekends!? And to hink you got away from the military separation business! 🙂

    • Yes, he should be able to come home most weekends (yey!) and I’m also hoping to go up and visit my family while he’s away so that will be a good thing to come out of it. When we found out he got it I looked at him and said, “Well I guess we’re just never going to get away from you being away are we????” Ironic for sure!!

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