The Top Christian Apparel Website –!

B Not of This World
Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: Want to know what makes me happy, happy, happy? Getting to gush a little about a brand I’ve loved for years especially when they send me a shirt to do so. All fashion faces (however well or badly attempted) before mentioned gushing, and previous gift purchase mentioned are my own.

The Top Christian Apparel Website –!

I love and have for over 5 years now! In my opinion they’re the hands down the top Christian apparel website there is! Every Christmas someone in my family ends up with at least one shirt from — usually from my parents or from me. This past Christmas I bought my brother Ryan one of the awesome Guys Button Down shirts which are perfect for church because they’re dressy but really fun and stylish at the same time. And my Mom and Dad almost always get me and Hannah a Fashion Top–which I love because they’re long, loose, and modest while also being very edgy and fun.

Usually all of the kids in our family even have a running wish list on the C28 website of which recent styles we want that year as gifts!

While I have gradually been updating my wardrobe over the past few years to reflect what it seems a professional, fashionable mom to two should be wearing, I still love tops for their comfort and fun. They’re perfect for days we’re having playdates or when I’m grocery shopping and I love the bold statements that are conversation starters! I also love how much the brand has taken off recently–not too long ago we found their signature stickers for vehicles in Walmart! (I still love shopping on their website the best, however!)

BNot of This World

Recently paired up with –B IT Clothing and they just announced their newest Christian fashion line “B Not Of This World” (B NOTW). In typical edgy C28 style the line is full of bright, bold, and fun clothing. I love the big reminder that this world is not our final home and we should act accordingly! Paired with dangly fun earrings and jean shorts these make the perfect lazy summer day outfit!

Where is your favorite place to buy Christian Apparel? Have you heard of C28 before? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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15 thoughts on “The Top Christian Apparel Website –!”

  • I actually don’t buy it since I usually don’t wear clothes with words on them, but I’ve seen the ones your family has worn through the years and always really liked them, so I’d have to say this company would be my fav 🙂

    • That’s funny that you don’t wear clothes with words on them anymore–but then when I stopped to think about it I don’t really anymore either except for c28 stuff–I just love them, and they are perfect for around the house or playdate days when I don’t really feel like wearing a nice blouse and want something fun 🙂 They have really cool stickers, jewelry, and other items too–but their clothing is obviously their big seller

  • I have not heard of C28, and in the South, Christian apparel is sold just about everywhere. There are special racks even in Walmart that hold Christian message t-shirts. : )

  • But of course I’ve heard of C28! 😉 I’ve actually run out of C28 clothes recently and need to get some more! I like the concept of the B NotW line – I’ll have to check it out!

  • I have a C28 fund that I have set aside because there are so many awesome things on there. Everything I own is pretty well tagged with NOTW stuff. It’s fantastic!

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