The Confession DVD Review

The Confession DVD

Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: It wouldn’t be nice to send me one movie and not another, so I was very happy when I received The Confession to review. All teary eyes, snuggly chick flick nights, and nit picky opinions are, as always, my own.

Movies that end on cliff hangers always leave me waiting anxiously for the next one–and as I mentioned The Shunning did just that so I was super excited when I found out that the next movie in the series, Beverly Lewis’ the Confession, was finally here! Since watching the movies I have picked up two of the books in the series, but I’m waiting to get all three before I start reading them-so I don’t have the ability to compare them to the books (yet). I’ve learned I like reading the books after movies though-since that way movies aren’t a let down!

Once again Halmark delivers a movie that is touching, fun, and very family friendly. In the Confession Katie continues her hunt for her birth mother before it’s too late. In an interesting twist it seems she does find her–but is it too late for other reasons? This movie kept me once again on the edge of my seat, wanting to explain what was going on to the characters as I waited for everything to come together.

The infamous love triangle kind of, sort of, begins to raise it’s head but much less than the movies description would have you to think it does–I will be interested to see how that will develop in the last movie in the series!

There were a few things about this movie that will keep me from giving it a 5 star rating. It always bothers me when Halmark flip flops between actors and actresses and expect us to not realize it–I would love it if they could latch people into deals if they know there will be 3 movies in a series–especially the main characters. Just a small pet peeve of mine, however! Also I felt like things were very rushed along–I still don’t “get” how one of the crucial moments in the movie came into play because a big mystery that was revealed was glossed over quickly when it came to explaining how it was found out. I’m sure in the book it goes into much more detail-and it would have been worth it to expound a little in the movie.

Overall, however, I really did enjoy this movie! The acting was very good and caused me to tear up, the cinematography was well done, and it didn’t have a low budget feel to it–which Halmark is usually very good about. Once again it’s perfect for a chick flick night with the girls that even your daughter will enjoy so in spite of the few nit picky things I’d definitely recommend it!

Don’t just take my word for it! Hope on over to Amazon and check out the other reviews!

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    • I need to see Switched at Birth — I’ve never seen it! I think you’d like these because they’re more about this girls journey and leaving the Amish community and they’re set in today’s world so they’d probably be right up your alley–this actress did a great job in this show–I just wish she’d been in the first one too. 🙂

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