Three Fun Ways to Be Healthy

3 Fun Ways to Be Healthy
Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: Becoming healthy and “short shorts” worthy is hard work! That’s why I love it when awesome companies offer to let me “test run” their products to see if they’d fit in with my {trying to be} slim and trim lifestyle. All deep breaths, nighttime snacks, healthy claims, and relishing candy-like vitamins are my own.

As I near the end of Operation Short Shorts pretty much the only thing that I’ve accomplished is realizing how hard making these changes are going to be for me! However this whole process has been very good for me because it’s helped me to become so much more aware of exactly what I am doing, and what I’m not doing–and I think that is really the first step towards real and lasting changes for the better! (psst there’s a giveaway so keep scrolling down!)

I’ve had several small victories along the way, so for now I’ll keep plugging along and try to begin doing all these things all together this week! I love that I went into this realistically–and I’m going to keep trying until these healthy habits actually become habits!

One thing that really helps is figuring out how to incorporate healthy changes into my life in a way that’s fun-it really can make such a big difference in success or failure–and that’s why this week I wanted to share these cool products that I’ve been loving lately!

Three Fun Ways to Be Healthy

1. doTERRA Essential Oil Breathe — I recently had the “lovely” privileged of catching a spring time cold courtesy of the kiddos and something that threw a wrench into that get healthy mo-jo. Over the past few years I’ve heard a lot about the use of essential oils from my sister-in-law, cousin, and recently attended a class here about essential oils. I’ve always been a “middle of the road” gal when it comes to health care–I’m in no way, shape, or form opposed to modern medicine; however, if there’s a great all natural method with no nasty side effects I’m even more for that!

I was sent Breathe by doTERRA and it came at perfect timing since it’s perfectly suited to decongest sinus passages, combat lung infections, and relieve allergy symptoms. I used it both on me and Amber–she had a really nasty cough that I thought was allergies but turned out to be a cold, so I don’t think I caught it on her in time and it didn’t help quite as well as I was hoping it would–but the traditional medicine didn’t either, I have to admit.

I picked up on my cold right away, however, and because of that it was a pretty mild one. I began to use doTERRA Essential Oil Breathe on my chest at night. It has an amazing scent to it and when I applied it directly on my chest it gave me a deep, tingly feeling. I always get the most vicious, nasty coughs that just won’t go away and usually have to use a heavy duty cough suppressant. Breathe helped me to stop coughing and sleep through the night! I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical and therefore pretty impressed when it worked! I’m going to start diffusing it in our bedroom to see if it will help hubbies nasty allergies as well.

My interest is definitely peaked and I will be looking trying out more therapeutic grade essential oils in the future.

Bare Fruit Apple Chips

2. Bare Fruit Apple Chips — I’m *always* on the lookout for great, healthy snacks for the kids and as I mentioned above lately I’ve been trying to cut back on sweets and one way I’ve been trying to make this easier is by getting that sweet fix through fruit. These apple chips have been awesome because Amber feels like she’s getting a “special treat” when she eats them–sweet chips?? Yes please! And I’m *trying* to get in the habit of swapping them and fresh fruit out every other night to satisfy my 8 o’clock sweet tooth attack. They are super sweet and delicious and when paired with some almonds and 1 TBSP of dark chocolate chips? Yumm!!!! With ONLY apples in them they are a “special treat” with 0 guilt attached and I love that!

3. Centrum Flavor Burst Multivitamin — it’s pretty bad when you start taking the kiddos gummy vitamins just because you’re jealous that they get to have vitamins that taste like candy. That’s why when I heard about Centrum Flavor Burst I knew they’d be a great fit for me! Sure enough I love them! They taste just like the hard shell, soft inside candies you can buy. I feel like the kids–it’s like “sneaking” in a few extra candies that you actually don’t have to feel bad about taking–because they’re good for me! The only thing that’s kind of a bad thing is it recommends you take 4 a day–which I really liked on one hand (more sweets, yey) but on the other it made the bottle go away super fast. They’re reasonably priced.

Do you have 3 Fun Ways to Get Healthy too? Leave me a comment and let me know what some of your favorite “get healthy” products are!

7 thoughts on “Three Fun Ways to Be Healthy”

  • I’ve just started really learning about oils – I want to learn more and find a way to incorporate them into my healthy habits! My biggest “get healthy” product is water. Just staying away from those sodas!!

    • Oils seem really intriguing to me too!! And yes–soda, ack! I had no idea how much I liked it until I tried to stop ordering my “occasional” one! Water is the way to go! 🙂

  • you’re a pepsi person I see 🙂 I’m a coke person hehe

    I have found that I have to just eliminate it. I don’t have the control to have 1 every week or 2 weeks, etc. It’s like a drug. I have one and I’m addicted again :/

    That’s my current downfall – coca cola! YUM!

    • Isn’t funny how we have our preferences!? I thought I was doing really well because I don’t buy it–just get it when we eat out–which I thought wasn’t a lot until I started keeping track :S Definitely need to get better about just ordering water!!

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