How To Pull Off a Red, White, & Blue Outfit {without looking like a lawn ornament}

How to Pull off a Red, White, & Blue Outfit Better Together

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Better Together

How To Pull Off a Red, White, & Blue Outfit {without looking like a lawn ornament}

So I should probably start by explaining that I have, indeed, been guilty of a few “lawn ornament” outfits–you know what I’m talking about. It’s one thing to be patriotic but some of the 4th of July outfits out there just take it to a whole level of crazy! As I’ve mentioned I’ve recently been decluttering and organizing my closet and as I do I’ve been trying to take a few fashion lessons and learning how to pull of styles that are fun, fashionable, age appropriate, and still very “me”.


One of these outfits that I needed was a fun, patriotic red, white, and blue ensemble that was better together than the lawn ornament variety. I pulled together the above outfit that I feel is a little bit country (have to represent my fun new home state of Texas!) a little bit practical, and a whole lot of fun!

What I’m Wearing:

Blouse: LRL Lauren Jeans Co Blouse by Ralph Lauren

Capris: roz & ALI ™ Crystal Detail Denim Capris

Boots: Laredo Red Roper Style Boots

For this look I started off with a flowing, patterned white and blue Ralph Lauren Blouse. I’m very much a blouse person (just look at my closet--yepp you can tell I like them the best!!!) so that’s normally where I start building any outfit from. I really love this blouse because it’s so gorgeous that it really doesn’t need any help from jewelry–it’s pattern is fun but not overwhelming on my 5’5″ frame and it cinches at my natural waist creating an hour glass effect and hiding my trouble areas!

Tip: For a look that’s fresh try pairing a more neutral tone with a bolder color–for example this blouse incorporates an off white and blue instead of a bright white and blue–which helps me avoid that “flag” feeling.

Next I moved on to my bottom half! Crystal Denim Capris help keep my outfit cool, comfortable, and casual–the 3 Cs of my fashion which are an absolute must–especially when chasing a very active 5 & 2 year old outdoors is involved (which…everyday???) I also love the perfectly placed wash out which also is flattering without having the “junior section” (and might I add just a little silly) look that ratted or holey jeans have.

Tip: The shoes are the clincher! Pairing red boots with capris is a fun and unexpected twist that really makes the outfit pop and takes it up to that festive level.

How to Pull Off a Red, White, and Blue Outfit Better Together

Because my outfit had so much going on I kept my makeup, jewelry, and hair pretty simple. An easy french twist in a clip helps my hair look a little more polished than if I’d just left it down. For my makeup I used foundation, concealer, and then did a very pared down version of my favorite date night makeup tutorial look. One again I let the red pop and let my lips be the star of the show with a rich pinky-red lipstick that compliments my skin tone.

P&G Better Together

When you’re wearing vibrant colors like red, white, and blue it’s important to keep them looking new! A red, white, and blue outfit will not have the same pop if it is faded and dull! P&G has several great detergent options–all which work better together! For our family I use Tide free & gentle (for Amber’s eczema) Downy (for our clothes to keep them smelling great) and bounce (to ditch the static cling!) Using all of them together helps keep my clothes looking new and smelling great and makes our laundry routine better than ever!

So there are my tips for How To Pull Off a Red, White, & Blue Outfit — do you have any great way to look festive that I missed? Leave me a comment and let me know!

6 thoughts on “How To Pull Off a Red, White, & Blue Outfit {without looking like a lawn ornament}”

  • You are adorable! I had to check out the capris, and now I’m curious, are they really that easy to roll up, or do they come in different lengths? I’m in terrible need of new pants since all mine finally got holes in the knees..all around the same time, go figure.

    I love Tide Free and Gentle!

    • Awww thank you! 😀 They’re actually hemmed like that and hit me at the “just right” length for capris. I’m pretty average everything–so that actually makes clothes shopping for me pretty easy, though often I have trouble getting jeans/capris to fit right but these ones are great! 🙂 You sound exactly like me when we moved down here! I had NO pairs of pants without holes in them at one point–one of the reasons for my recent overhaul, haha!

      • I never would have guessed! On the link they look like full length pants with a nice hem. I’m such a weird size, I hate buying clothes online, but I may just do it. Hubs has been begging me for years to overhaul my closet, but I have a hard time spending money on myself. This year it’s time though!

        • Yeah they look really weird online–I noticed that! They really should have a model like me so people can see what they look like, haha! I got them at Dress Barn–do they have any of those near you? I’m exactly like you and the reason my wardrobe was looking pitiful was that I never wanted to spend any money on myself. Thankfully we moved to Texas–the land of a million deals–and that’s how I’ve been able to upgrade it all recently 😉

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