The Five Pieces of Fine Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

The Five Pieces of Fine Jewelry Every Women Should Own
Legalese Disclosure Nonsense: Knowing how much I love my bling Fragments thought it would be splendid if they sponsored a post for me to bring you my favorite pieces that every women should own! All naked ears, astute jewelry discernment, and love of sparkles is my own.

I adore jewelry! The other day we were out in public and all of a sudden I went, “Ack! I’m naked!” My mom-in-law and hubby gave me a weird look to discover me rubbing my ears. Sheepishly I admitted, “I forgot to put my jewelry on today.” It’s such a part of my outfit that I truly do feel like I forgot a piece of clothing when I’m without it!

While affordable jewelry is lots of fun, there is definitely a need to have at least a few key pieces of fine jewelry in your wardrobe! Because of this I thought I’d bring you my must have list of fine jewelry pieces!

The Five Pieces of Fine Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Icy Grey Necklace

1. An Elegant, Understated Long Necklace Call it the little black dress of the jewelry world! A neutral long necklace goes with everything from an evening dress to jeans and you can play it up or down accordingly. Pair it with a bright, short statement necklace for layered fun, or wear it alone over a plain blouse for a feminine touch that’s not too much. Great choices are silver and white paired together–like the Icy Grey Necklace shown–or you could opt for a gold, mixed metals, or black and silver chain for this must have item.

Grey Wrapped Agate Hoops

2. Hoop Earrings–with a twist Another staple in any wardrobe is a pair of good hoops. These are always in style and perfectly offset virtually any outfit! Opt for something a little more special than just simple silver or gold loops, however. Choose hoops in a style that you’ll be able to pair them with all those outfits, but also have something distinctly special about them. I love these Wrapped Agate Hoops because they hit this look right on the head–they’re unique and beautiful, but the wide range of neutral tones in them make them perfect for any outfit!

Amaryllis Drop Earrings

3. Something Pearl Pearls are one of those classics that will never, ever go out of style. Now if you’re one of those women who croaks at the thought of a classic pearl string, never fear! These days pearl jewelry come in so many different styles, colors, and fashions that you’re sure to find something to fit your own unique style! You can’t go wrong with a necklace or bracelet–but my personal favorites are pearl earrings–especially drop ones in fun colors like this gorgeous purple Amaryllis Drop Set!

Silvery Chain Cuff

4. A Statement Cuff similar to a statement ring a statement cuff is a fun way to add a little bit of quirky fashion into your every day wardrobe and is perfect if, like me, the only rings you wear are the sentimental kind.  You want something that adds that fun and edgy factor in, without being too over the top to wear frequently. I love this silvery chain cuff  that is a great mix of hardcore and fun feeling! If you’d like something with more of a pop to it choosing a fun cuff in a bright, beaded variety is fun and fresh look right now also!

Lavender Ratio Earrings

5. Chandelier Earrings your outfit immediate switches from day time to night look when you add the right pair of chandelier earrings into the mix. Like the other pieces here if you only can choose a few pieces of fine jewelry you’ll want a pair that gives you the most bang for your buck. This lovely pair of Lavender Ratio Earrings has the feel of a neutral piece while the intricate designs and slight purpley tone help make them a little more special!

What do you think the five pieces of fine jewelry every woman should own are? Do you agree with my picks? Leave me a comment and let me know!

You can find out more about Fragments, where all these gorgeous pieces are from by visiting their website and reading about Their Story.

4 thoughts on “The Five Pieces of Fine Jewelry Every Woman Should Own”

  • Can I hire you to dress me every day? I’m horrible with pairing the right jewelry to my outfits (and even putting together nice outfits daily). I do have some fine pieces of jewelry though – pearl necklaces are my personal favorite though.

    • Haha! Hey that sounds good to me! 😉 Although I’d love to hire someone to do my hair and makeup for me. I always say I would have made a fabulous famous person if I’d had more talent for it, baha! I love classic pearl necklaces too–I think they’re timeless and beautiful! My hubby and several of my friends think they look “grandma” though, I have no idea why!!

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