The Tooth Fairy is Tired

Tooth Fairy
Amber’s first lost tooth–June 16, 2013

No matter how completely amazing and awesome your mom was–I bet anything that there are a few instances in your childhood you can look back on where you vowed to yourself, “When I’m a parent–I will NEVER do that!”

One of those moments came when I was younger and lost a tooth. I was old enough to know that the tooth fairy wasn’t real, but young enough to still want to play along. I had a special little pillow to put my tooth in so I’d tucked it away, excited for the money that would be there the next day. The next morning came and I woke up excitedly and reached into my pillow to find….my tooth. I casually dropped a comment at the breakfast table about the fact the tooth fairy had been MIA and soon the situation was fixed–turned out the tooth fairy was running a little “late” it seems.

I’ll never forget the disappointment of reaching into the pillow, however, and vowed to myself that when *I* was the tooth fairy I’d never forget!

The years slipped by and before I could blink my daughter was in the back seat of the car screaming, “Mommy my tooth just fell out!!!” When she had showed me her wiggly tooth the few days before that I seriously had to blink back the tears–how is it possible that we were at this point already?? But like a good Mommy I brought out her own little tooth pillow and we tucked it in there together while she peppered me with Tooth Fairy trivia questions.

That night Operation Tooth Fairy went fairly smoothly–despite a gaff of dropping the tooth when I pulled it out of the pillow and having to rummage around frantically in the dark for a few minutes. I recovered and was able to sneak out, money in place, without waking up either of the kiddos. See? I knew I’d be good at this tooth fairy thing!

Tooth Fairy
Amber’s “makeover” June 20th–new short hair and 2 teeth missing!

Just a few days later tooth #2 came popping out! That was a crazy day with a lot going on–but we brought out the pillow and repeated the process. After the kids got in bed I continued my busy and preoccupied tasks.

It wasn’t until about 11:45 that night that I sat bolt upright in bed and realized that, oh horrors,

I’d almost forgot to be the tooth fairy!!!!!!!

I crept into the bedroom and the crisis was averted. This little gaff helped me to realize several things, however.

You see–The Tooth Fairy is really tired. She works very hard all day taking care of the house, cooking the meals, working jobs, and raising a family. When bedtime comes she’s exhausted and preoccupied and it’s all too easy to let big important things just slip right out of her brain. Maybe, just maybe my little kid self really should have cut her a lot more slack!

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