OMGuac Your Lunch Photo Contest

OMGuac Your Lunch
Legalese Nonsense: In order to feed my guac loving frenzy the lovies at Wholly Guacamole are sending me some in exchange for telling you about the contest. Win/win right?!

I’ve been ever so slightly obsessed with avocado lately! The only problem is that my family doesn’t quite share my enthusiasm for it (crazy people!) So when I discovered Wholly Guacamole I was in heaven, especially their minis which are only 100 calories and the “just right” size for me to use on my portion of dinner and lunch! Not only is their product amazing they also have all kinds of fun contests, so I thought I’d share this one!

OMGuac Your Lunch

Here’s the details — Use Wholly Guacamole Minis and a little creativity to make lunch fun!
The best lunches will win a lunch box full of guacalicious products and a gift card for $100! – Click Here or on the picture above to see more! Good luck!

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