Feel Good Wednesdays


Feel Good Wednesdays
Legalese Nonsense: Since everyone likes to celebrate Hump Day I was happy to bring you this fun post sponsored by Ozarka® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Waters! All beautiful pictures, dance parties, and Hump Day plans are my own!

Happy Wednesday! One thing that I love about holidays is that “Hump Day” comes so quickly–like this week, hurray!!

Before this year we were busy but nothing like we are now as a family! I haven’t been so happy about Hump Day since I was working an office job–way back as a newlywed in DC! Now with both Amber & hubby in school and me working 25 hours a week and doing preschool with Tyler, my weekdays are JAM packed! I keep the weekends free (ok…well Saturday free) but to keep my sanity I usually need a pick me up mid-week as well!

Feel Good Wednesdays

So on Wednesdays I like to take a moment to indulge and create a “happy hump day” moment! Whether it’s a impromtu dance party in the car on the way to drop Amber off at school, stopping to enjoy the breathtaking view at the end of our drive of the sun rising each morning (I took that picture above there just this morning!), taking a few moments to play “tickle bugs” with Tyler during play dough time, or indulging in a drink that’s a little more special than usual like bubbly sparkling water, there are lots of simple ways to celebrate the little moments in life!

Ozarka® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water agrees and in fact they’ve dedicated their Facebook Page each Wednesday to celebrating them! So go on–have your own feel good moment and then be sure to go share it with Ozarka® and be inspired by their ideas and other fans!

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