Planning the Dream Wedding…I already had….


A beautiful princess style ball length gown, a tiara, flowers and lights, soft music and gorgeous makeup, a 3 stone princess cut ring, a dashing groom, gorgeous bridesmaids…..

What is it about weddings that has such an attraction? Even though my own wedding has come and gone 8 years ago I still find myself drawn to Pinterest wedding boards, oohing and ahhing over the details or scratching my head because I still don’t really “get” the whole cupcake wedding dress look (like I said–I got married 8 years ago before that one was in). One of my only “guilty pleasure” reality tv shows is Say Yes to the Dress, I love watching all the different gowns and seeing the girls faces when they discover “the one”! It brings back that amazing feeling all over again!


I was bemoaning the fact to a friend that while the internet was alive and booming when I got married things like blogs and Pinterest were un-known and un-charted territory so I wasn’t able to benefit from all the glories of the internet to help me plan my own wedding. I love that these days you can find huge deals on just about anything — including things like Wedding Dresses. You can even order them online for a fraction of the price–some as low as $100! I thought I was getting a steal on my dress when I got married and it wasn’t even close to that! I know some people would be a little worried about buying a wedding gown online but my sister-in-law did for her vow renewal and it turned out absolutely gorgeous!


But what can you do? I have seen some girls who have created “the wedding I already had” boards–everything is much clearer in retro-spect (I might have chosen different colors so that my flowers and bridesmaid dresses would have been easier to coordinate). But I’m not quite that bad…..yet….

Hmmm…maybe, just maybe I’ll have to talk Bob into marrying me….again!

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