Kiddo Tags Huge 10,000 Fan Giveaway – OVER $1,000 Value!!!!!!

Over the summer I got the chance to run a campaign for Kiddo Tags with several of the best bloggers I know! It was so much fun being able to check out their great posts and see how amazing their products are!

So I was so excited to be able to help Kiddo Tags celebrate reaching a HUGE milestone– 10,000 Facebook Fans! To celebrate they’re hosting a GIANT Giveaway bundle — 30 companies with a value OVER $1,000--Wow!!!! Not familiar with Kiddo Tags? Here’s a little from their website!

Kiddo Tags Giveaway #kiddotags10k

Kiddo Tags was founded in 2009 by Gabby Turner, a stay-at-home mom of two. When she began sending her children to daycare, she noticed all the other parents were writing their children’s names on their items. Bottles, bags, binkies – you name it! If it left the house, it had a label.

Some parents actually wrote on the items with a black marker or pen. But a marker eventually washes off – and that’s if it hadn’t already smeared in the dishwasher.  Other parents used a swatch of masking tape and wrote their child’s name on that. But tape eventually comes off – and then you’re stuck with a sticky residue that picks up particles of, well, everything!

Gabby tried the labeling methods she saw the other parents use, but nothing worked well. When the daycare sent a reminder notice about keeping children’s items clearly labeled, Gabby and her husband began hunting for good labels. They found that most children’s labels are made in Canada, cost too much or come from companies with inadequate customer service. So what was this frustrated mom to do? Start her own label company, of course!

They company has boomed and is loved by daycare, preschool and parents alike! Come hear it straight from these moms yourself–they were able to test out the product “in the real world” and shared their thoughts!


Preschool Preparation, What to pack and how to Prepare for Preschool – from Jade Louis Designs

How to Keep Kids Safe This Summer at Camps and Events with Kiddo Tags Medical Alert Labels– from Jade Louis Designs


Five Ways to Be an Awesome Preschool Mom – by Roubinek Reality

7 Tips for Sending Kids to Summer Camp – by Roubinek Reality

Customizable Labels from Kiddo Tags – by Toy Queen

On to the prizes that make up our Amazing OVER $1,000 Prize Bundle!!

Kiddo Tags Giveaway #kiddotags10k

  • $75 KiddoTags Gift Card
  • A Yellow Circles #Sensory Tab Blanket from Baby Jack Blankets ! (ARV $30)
  • Original bogg™ bag – the best beach bag ever – a bag large enough to carry everything, that won’t fall over and spill, and that can be rinsed at the end of the day! (ARV $60)
  • Pod 2-pack from the buti-bag co includes two durable yet thin and flexible EVA plastic pods with center zipper for easy dispensing.  Now even softer to the touch with a silver metal zipper head which glides more easily on the zipper. (ARV $22)
  • A Cuddlecloth® bath towel designed for baby’s safety gift set which includes 1-45” x 30” CuddleCloth® and a matching 9” CuddleRound™ washcloth in a reusable vinyl and organza gift bag.   (ARV $39.95)
  • 4-pack of Joe Jackets (summer 2013 collection) – these lightweight, cushy, tapered drink insulator sleeves are the personal style statements every polished, eco-conscious gal needs. (ARV $28)
  • Bib n Burp and Wrap n Pack from mommapia…creating products to simplify your life & your diaper bag! (ARV $36.00)
  • Pink NoBlo – a simple to use beach umbrella anchor. (ARV :$16.50)
  • A Twin size Oops! Sheet™ – a line of waterproof cotton mattress protectors for night time potty training and occasional oopses. (ARV $80)
  • Parking Pal Bundle Package – Keep your kids safe and well behaved with our fun products. (ARV $20)
  • PooPoose Wiggle Free Diaper Changing Pad – a high quality changing pad that keeps wiggly babies still, making changing diapers easier, faster, cleaner, and safer. (ARV $49.99)
  • 12 “Boutique” themed magnetic wine charms from Simply Charmed work on any type of glass, keeping your drink unique! (ARV $28)
  • Aqua organic pointelle cotton binkie & toy holder gift set – Couture Clip is a modern, luxury line of binkie & toy holders designed for the stylish baby (ARV $40)
  • $24 gift certificate to The Diaper Clutch – a mom-invented diapers and wipes carrying case that is the first and only to feature a unique easy-access window to your wipes!
  • Baby Dipper bowl set in pink or blue – invented by a mom of two sets of twins, means easy one-handed feeding for parents feeding infants and also for toddlers learning to feed themselves! (ARV $11.99)
  • Bobee wall-mounted diaper & wipe dispenser made in the USA – keeps diapers & wipes up and out of the way & can be customized to match room decor. (ARV $39.99)
  • One box Cool Caps, one box Cool Straws, one fitness inspired pint glass, one box Slim Snacks – Make healthy habits more fun with GreenPaxx, Eco-friendly reusable accessories (ARV $42)
  • Hello Beach – Inspired by shell-collecting kids, our darling beachcomber bags are perfect for exploring coastal shores collecting treasures or rocks along the seaside or lake. (ARV $26.99)
  • Liv and Lily $40 GC (via email) – a celebrity coveted luxury brand of children’s accessories.
  • 9″ Roses are Red Pad with Damask Dot pad Wrapper – (ARV $12.21)
  • Set of Psi Bands – acupressure wristbands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness, motion sickness, chemotherapy and anesthesia. (ARV $15)
  • The Quick Split® – a portable food cutter with a cover for baby and toddler feeding – instantly cut your kids’ food into safe, bite size pieces when you are out to eat anywhere!(ARV $15)
  • 8 oz Sand Gone – a dry powder that when applied to sandy parts of your body removes the sand leaving your skin soft and smooth. (ARV $12.95)
  • 4 undyed/unscented wool dryer balls from Buddha Bunz – 100% wool sourced from small farms in North America which speed up dry time, soften and reduce static, and when scented leave laundry with a fresh all natural scent.  (ARV $32)
  • Pampers Kandoo Line of Kid Friendly products – Handsoap, Shampoo, Body Wash and Hand Sanitizer specifically designed to help children get clean on their own. (ARV $15)
  • The SeatPak from Babybindle – an award winning diaper bag designed to attach to the handle of an infant car seat, stroller and more. (ARV $19.99)
  • BabyHug from Silly Monkey Baby – a swaddle with a cushion designed to support baby from head to toe, for a safe and comfortable way to hold your little one (ARV $39)
  • One Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Splatter Shield – the EASY way to clean cloth diapers! (ARV $25)
  • Large Swoop Bag – Cleanup in a flash with the ultimate, modern, toy storage bag + playmat in one. (ARV $48)
  • 2 i like books – a 12 month journal that is the newest and best way to build your child up one LIKE at a time while opening better communication! (ARV $45)

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