TOMS Giving in the U.S. #OneforOne

TOMS Giving in the U.S.
I was thrilled when asked to participate in the TOMS brand ambassadorship program to support TOMS U.S. Giving program. I am bringing this post and #OneforOne news to you as a part of that partnership.

Have you ever heard of a “little” company called TOMS? I was introduced to them and their shoes through my brother and sister-in-law. They love them so much, in fact, that they even had their bridesmaids wear Classic Burlap TOMS in their wedding!

I love the adorable shoes the company makes–especially their Ballet Flats and their Crochet Classics! What really made me fall in love with the company, however, was when I found out that their foundation was giving–for each pair of shoes purchased a pair would be given to a child in need. Amazing right? What’s even *more* amazing is the fact that TOMS has now given away over 10 million pairs of shoes to children in need!

Toms Giving in the U.S.

Not only that, but now they’re expanding their giving to the U.S.! They will be partnering with organizations to provide 3 different kinds of shoes in 35 states. These include a unisex canvas classic, a sports shoe, and snow boots–all completely practical and completely needed!

To find out more about this amazing program watch the video below (but I’ll warn you–it’s a bit of a tear jerker–don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!) Go ahead and watch, I’ll wait–it’s just a few minutes long!

Amazing right?!I love it when companies have a heart–and involving their customers in an easy, tangible way to make a huge difference in the world is absolutely brilliant! Giving to charity while being fashionable? A huge win-win!

Be sure to go TOMS Giving in the U.S. Page for more great insights into this campaign, and to help out by spreading the word about #OneforOne giving coming to the U.S.!

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  • Love that first picture. Sunflowers are the best! Believe it or not I still do not own a pair of Toms. I do love their mission though!! Fantastic. I need to buy a pair for this fall. Most of my shoes are falling apart and new shoes are much needed.

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