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Although my music tastes run the gamete I always find myself drawn back to my “roots” of country music. It is what I listened to 24/7 as a teenager and it still touches a place in my heart that nothing else quite can! I love it’s themes of love, faith, trust, friendship, family, good times and bad–basically life and all it includes!


Recently a transplanted into small town Texas girl myself when I was given the chance to check out fellow small town Texas girl Kaylee Rutland CD I looked forward to it! I’m always up for discovering new talent!

Kaylee Rutland CD Review

Her album is super short and sweet–just comprised of 5 songs. Boys will be Boys and Daddy’s got a .45 are country jams with a fun tongue in cheek vibe while Hey Ben is a sweet crush of a song. She’s been compared to another fellow small town country girl gone big–Miranda Lambert–and in these songs I can definitely see why. (By the way did you know that Amber’s going to school in Miranda’s hometown of Lindale, TX? True story!) Where I feel that Kaylee’s talent truly shines, however, are in her soulful tunes of Dark Horse Run and My Last One. These two songs have a sweet, powerful longing to them that I feel the best of country music holds.

Though it does feel like a first album I can hear and sense enormous potential and I can’t wait to see where this talented 17 year old’s career takes her!

Here is a quote from Linda Septien, who also taught Demi Lovato, Jessica Simpson, and many others:

“When this singer opened her mouth for the first time in my studio, I looked to see if she was really singing or was it her voice on a recording. Sultry, unique and distinguishable tone. We look for a unique tone when we audition our artists.  Kaylee Rutland’s got it. We can train for stage presence, vocal qualities and style, but you are born with the tone you have.  Kaylee must have stood in the cool, distinguishable, marketable voice line before she arrived on earth!”

Go over to Amazon to listen to the snippets of Kaylee Rutland’s CD so you can decide for yourself what you think of this new country star!

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