Beating Stress the #Motherfunny way with NickMom

 #Motherfunny #shop

nickmom Instant Mom #Motherfunny #shop

Beating Stress the #Motherfunny way with NickMom from Nickelodeon #cbias

So, October has just been one of those months. As you know I was super, duper sick for the end of September and most of October and because of that ended up having over 3 weeks where I was “in quarantine”; and with my Mom-in-Law away and hubby so busy with school the most adult interaction I got was a brief hello in the school pick up line.

Then if you like me on Facebook you’ll know that Amber ended up in the ER last weekend in the middle of Friday night. She’s fine now but staying up till 4 a.m. and then having her off of school for part of the week recovering meant I had to drop everything for a bit and just take care of her.

All of that has sent me reeling with the 6 part time jobs I’ve been working over the past few months, and each day is a battle to not miss deadlines for work, manage to stay sounding professional with little sleep and cranky children, and still manage to somehow make sure there is food on the table to eat and clean clothes for the kids to wear. (which, you know if you saw my laundry explosion, came very close to not happening a few times).

I knew that a lot of my friends lives have been just as crazy and hard as mine lately–so I decided that we all needed an awesome, fun, low key #Motherfunny party! I sent them an invitation that went something like this:

#motherfunny #shop

Their answer — a big resounding YES PLEASE!!!!!

Here are the required elements for the *perfect* Moms Night in Nick #Motherfunny Party!

NickMom #Motherfunny #shop

  • Perfect Timing –  after all the kids were in bed since then they didn’t have to worry about finding a babysitter (I’ve found in my own personal experience hubbies are more than happy to watch the kids when it doesn’t involve any watching).
  • Comfort is Key – Since I know the first thing I do once the kids are down is crawl into comfy clothes the party had to be Pajama Party style!
  • Munchies – nothing is better than indulging after the kids are in bed–no one to try to steal your food! I made sure to provide no-fuss options that ranged from sweet to salty to savory and threw in a few g-free options too so everyone could enjoy!
  • Drinks – can’t have a party without drinks!! I wanted warm and cozy and cold and tangy so I chose 6 different kids of hot chocolate with tons of different topping options & “Virgin Long Island Ice Tea” (aka Half & Half — half sweet tea, half lemonade)

NickMom #Motherfunny #shop

  • Laughter – I knew we’d all be tired and just want to “mush” so I decided to go with Instant Mom from Nickelodeon new episodes comes on at 10 PM EST every Sunday night on Nick Jr., and Instant Mom is also on every night during NickMom programming (you can check your local time here)– the perfect time to relax a little after the kids are tucked away in bed! You can also find the episodes online on after they air each week–so lots of ways to watch!
  • Decorations – when you’re hosting a mom party decorating is a CINCH! I took the toys that were already scattered all over the front room and used them strategically to make the setting fun, cute, and super relaxed! A dump truck full of cocoa and simple tea lights on top of blocks made all the moms laugh with how cute it was–and me be relieved at how easy it was!

Kids tucked in bed, and jammies on the girls all arrived! I love how real we are with each other–and we’re all *such* moms! First we were telling each other how cute all our jammies were, which went into showing the dye spot of pink on one gal’s bottom, the spit up stain on another shirt, and how these are my only pair of cute jammies because when we moved in with the in-laws it became necessary to run into children and/or adults in the hallways during the evening/mornings while looking somewhat decent.

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After gabbing and stuffing our faces we all happily tuned in to Instant Mom — none of us had ever seen it before so we were all curious to see what it was like. Many of the girls were surprised to find it was a sitcom style show, and I was surprised, and happy, to see that Tia Mowry-Hardrict is the main actress! I remember her from Sister-Sister and more recently have heard all about her with her new awesome Need Brands products!

I also really loved that the show, although very “mom geared” was still rated PG–which made sense for one you’d find on Nick Jr. and is something I wouldn’t worry about having the kids walk in on or even staying up to watch for a minute if a nightmare hit.

While the episode kept us chuckling, it surprisingly also brought out some really in-depth conversations–like how husbands respond to their children vs. how moms respond; how we felt about cheerleaders; and whether or not we would encourage, discourage, or punish our children for fighting at school. I didn’t expect any of that but I really loved it!

Everyone had a wonderful time and there were lots of comments about how fun it was and how we need to do another one very soon.

I totally agree!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Beating Stress the #Motherfunny way with NickMom”

  • So . . . how DO you feel about cheerleaders? It might change our relationship forever. I LOVE your jammies, the top is so cute! Getting together with your girlies in your jammies is SO much fun, right? I love Instant Mom on NickMom, mostly because I completely relate with the whole “I don’t got this” theme of the show. Next time you have some girls over, send me an invite, OK? OK.

    • Well, While I have nothing *against* cheerleaders, per say, we all agreed that we all encouraged our daughters to pursue different athletic pursuits, hehehe! 😉 I’m about the least graceful person in the world and my daughter is following in my footsteps so I don’t think it’ll be an issue 😀 And thanks! I have bottoms to match that are awesome–but they’re comfy little booty shorts and I wasn’t sure I wanted my badonkadonk hanging out for all the “intro-nets” to see bahahaha! Hence the yoga pants! Yes!!! That really was a theme and it’s nice to see and be able to relate to it for sure! And *YES* next time you are absolutely invited!!

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