Yesterland Farm, Canton, Texas

Legalese Nonsense: We were given the chance to check out Yesterland Farms as a family so that I could give you the low down on the good, the bad, and the corny! All adorable families, pony ride memories, and sunny corn maze pictures are my own!

What: Yesterland Farm

Where: Canton, Texas right off I-20

How Much: 3-55 $11.95 ; “Wisdom Discount” (aka 55+) $9.95 ; 2 & Under FREE! Plus Go Here for a $2 off Coupon to make those prices even lower!!

When: Weekends September 22 – November 11th

We had a wonderful time at Yesterland Farms last weekend! I’ve always thought when we drove past it on our way to Canton Trade Days and Dallas that we needed to go so I was so happy we finally got the chance to!

One thing that I really enjoyed about it was that admittance actually includes most of the activities that are available–unlike many other activities similar to this that my family has attended in the past.

The corn maze was very impressive–very large and especially tall — hubby is 6’7″ and he couldn’t see over the rows so that’s saying something! The kids had a blast winding back and forth and Amber finally found our way out…..through the entrance, haha! Not bad for a 5 year old though!

Other things the kids enjoyed were the HUGE slide–Tyler wasn’t tall enough to ride but Amber went bravely down and “was only scared…just a little.” We got a kick watching all the adults who were loving going down it!

Both of the kids got to enjoy the “Rubber Duck Races” and we spent at least 20 minutes there throughout the day.

I loved the adorable decorations everywhere and how many great places there were to take pictures including the Pumpkin Patch which, yes you can buy pumpkins at! I was also smiling at how many other parents I saw there with DSLRs around their necks!

Yesterland Farm Canton, TX

From a practical Mommy stand point knowing the 411 about the bathroom is a must! They do have a bathroom, yes! It is actually a set of port-a-potties but they are indoors, extremely clean, and there is a place to wash and dry your hands, as well as changing table for babies and a trash can to throw away diapers. It passed my mommy musts!

The kids very favorite part of the day was when they got to play at the playground. It has a great old timey feel to it and awesome features that I’ve never seen before like the little trikes on a track Amber is enjoying in the picture above!

Hay rides and the Pig races are also included in the general pass, though sadly we didn’t get a chance to check them out this time!

In addition to all the activities that are included there are many that you can pay a little extra to enjoy as well! $15 will get you a pass to ride all the rides, or you can buy tickets for $1 each. we opted for the ticket route since Amber (of course) chose the pony ride and that wasn’t included in the $15 pass. Tyler chose “the boats” for his special ride!

The farm zoo is set next to the playground and basically a great big yard filled with farm animals–it was cute and lent to the feel, but in Texas you see cows, sheep, and hens in yards on a daily basis so it was the thing that interested the kids probably the least, though that wasn’t the case when we lived in Boston!

I was impressed with both of the paid rides–they lasted more than 2 minutes and the kids had a blast. I felt like I got our $8 worth out of them, unlike most $5 pony rides where they go around 2 times and you’re like, “Uh, ok! So $3 a minute?!” I also loved that they actually had a few horses along with their “ponies” so that bigger kids like Amber could enjoy along with the 3 year old I saw riding.

There is plenty to eat and drink available to buy, but you can also bring in your own food & drinks which I really loved! We brought our kids in their wagon and that was a lifesaver! I’d highly recommend bringing one because it’s very big and spread out and the paths are bumpy.

There is even a great little place where you can shop for souvenirs and collectibles!

Yesterland Farm, Canton, TX

Other super fun looking activities that we didn’t get to participate in ourselves included panning for gemstones, reserving a campfire to roast hot dogs & smores, and launching a pumpkin and shooting a corn cob! Definitely more than you can fit into one visit and we’d love to go back and do the rest sometime!

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