Stand Up To Cancer and #DoGood with MasterCard #MC

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Stand Up To Cancer #shop

Stand Up To Cancer and #DoGood with MasterCard

Although he has never experienced it, my little boy has made me feel the disastrous, horrible, gut-wrenching effects of cancer the most. His vibrant little face, and the people who have missed out on seeing it, are what drive my passion to Stand Up To Cancer.
The very first time that evil word, cancer, popped into my mind in association with Tyler was when I found out I was pregnant with him. After the initial joy and sharing the news, there was a sadness that came along.
Stand Up to Cancer #MC

Sad, because I knew that this new baby would never meet his Great-Grandma Hancock. The sweetest lady, I got the pleasure of spending time with Bob’s grandma several times. Although she lived in Texas and wouldn’t fly, she rode up on the Greyhound Bus for Bob’s college graduation & our wedding. She sewed and embroidered the most beautiful quilts and we received several as gifts throughout the years. We still sleep with them on our bed every night. By the time I was pregnant with Amber, Grandma Hancock had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. When Amber was a rollypolly baby of 3 months we got to visit Texas, and went to see Grandma Hancock in the hospital; but by the time I got pregnant with Tyler, she was gone.

Although my heart grieved with this news, as wonderful as she was I’d only gotten to meet her a handful of times, and Bob had only gotten to see her a few times every year or so growing up. I was so thankful that all my Grandparents were still living, and that I would be able to introduce my new little guy to them all!

That is until I got the heart-wrenching news.

Stand Up To Cancer #MC


Although I love all of my Grandparents dearly, my Grandpa Romero has a very, very special place in my heart. From my earliest days we were always spending time with him. Whether it was catching fish, going hunting, going camping, celebrating every holiday and birthday, or just visiting their house at least once a week, I grew up with my Grandpa as a huge, huge part of my life.

I was planning a trip home to stay with my family while Bob was on his 7 month deployment to Cuba. Before we went, however, we were planning on a month long trip to Texas so I could stay with my in-laws first.

A few weeks before our departure date, my mom called with horrible, horrible news. My Grandpa Romero had just been diagnosed with bone cancer, it was spread throughout his entire body, and he wouldn’t be receiving chemo.

I knew that all my grandparents were getting older, and I had been planning on spending the majority of my 7 month stay with both sets. Getting the news that my Grandpa was attacked by a cancer so fierce he might not last those few months till I could see him, completely devastated me. He had gotten to meet Amber, but although Tyler was a few months old this would be my first trip back home since his birth.

Stand Up to Cancer #MC

A few days after we arrived in Texas, my mom called with the news that my Grandpa had passed away. Because we had just arrived and my husband was about to be deployed I couldn’t make the trip home and not only did I miss the chance to say goodbye in person, I also had to miss the funeral.

As horrible as losing both Great-Grandparents to such horrible, severe cancer was, I can be thankful that they both lived to see great-grandchildren, what a blessing that was, for me and for them!

Also shortly before our Texas trip, however, Tyler ended up being life flighted to the ICU in Boston Children’s Primaries. He had RSV, and although absolutely terrifying, our stay was just a few short days and he made a full recovery.

On our way out the door, I noticed several rooms in the ICU where you could tell the residents had been there for far more than 2 days. My heart shattered as I passed room after room of children with no hair, hooked up to IVs. I had barely been able to withstand a 2 day stay where my baby got better–how on earth were these parents coping with coming back to this awful place, month after month, always wondering if they ever would hear the “your child is ready to be released” words. My heart wept for them even as my eyes had no more tears to cry.

All of these experiences, especially since they happened over such a short amount of time, have forever left an impression on my heart, and given me such a passion that Cancer must be stopped. It must stop robbing Grandparents and stealing away babies. It’s pure evil and we need to do something, anything, to research until it can be stopped!

Although I often feel there isn’t much I can do, I do what I can. Whether it’s cutting mine and Amber’s hair and sending it off to Locks of Love, or collecting yogurt tops to send in during October, I’m always looking for ways we can pitch in and help out with charity.

Stand Up to Cancer #MC

That’s why when I found out that just by using my MasterCard to have a meal out with my family I could #DoGood and help Stand Up to Cancer it was completely natural that I was very excited about it!

Stand Up To Cancer #MC

When you use your MasterCard® card to pay for a meal $10 or more MasterCard will make a donation, one precious cent at a time, to Stand Up To Cancer up to $4,000,000.

Stand Up to Cancer #MC

How awesome is that? When I found out I decided  to “treat” some of my favorite people to a delicious lunch at our favorite restaurant. I brought my Mom-in-Law, Bob, and Tyler and we had an amazing time eating, laughing, and talking. We all got some amazingly delicious food, and of course we couldn’t pass up dessert!!

Dig in and Do Good #MC

When it came time to pay the check it felt pretty awesome knowing that in some tiny way, I was helping to Stand Up to Cancer. And really, I can’t think of a more fitting way to Dig in and Do Good against this horrible, terrible thing than by donating to charity while spending time with those I love the most!

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