A Year In Review – One Word 2013

One Word 2013

At the beginning of this year, nearly one year ago to the date, I shared with you my decision to pick a singular word to focus the year around. The word that was impressed on my mind at the time was Grow. A few weeks later I shared what areas specifically I wanted to Grow In.

And then I went on with my year, somewhat forgetting about my one word for the year. That is, until a few months ago when I was sent the prompt from Compassion Bloggers that it was almost time to pick a new word for 2014.

And I thought–what was my word for 2013 again?

When I went back and looked at my word, Grow, and the post I wrote about it, I was stunned. Stunned, because this must have been a God thing, choosing the word “Grow”.

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Books of 2013

If you pay attention around here it’s no surprise that I’m an avid reader! However I’ve never really kept track of how many books I read, other than when I was little and needed to for those summer reading programs to earn prizes, haha! This year I thought it might be fun to so I put together a little Facebook friend group so we could all compare our reads throughout the year. It was a lot of fun seeing how many books I read this year. If you’re on Goodreads feel free to add me on there as well! Enjoy my list!

  1. But the Greatest of These Is Love by Debbie Barrow Michael
  2. Where Yesterday Lives – Karen Kingsbury
  3. When Joy Came to Stay – Karen Kingsbury
  4. On Every Side- Karen Kingsbury
  5. The Gospel Centered Woman – Wendy Alsup
  6. Next Door Savior- Max Lucado
  7. Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work – Chip Heath & Dan Heath
  8. For Women Only – Shaunti Feldhahn
  9. Dinner with the Smileys –Sarah Smiley
  10. Redeeming Love – Francine Rivers
  11. FirstHand – Ryan & Josh Shook
  12. The Five People You Meet in Heaven – by Mitch Albom
  13. Whispers of the Bayou – Mindy Starns Clark
  14. Jennifer – Dee Henderson
  15. Sidetracked – Francesca Gino
  16. Before I Wake – Dee Henderson
  17. Safe Haven – Nicholas Sparks
  18. Madman – Tracy Groot
  19. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen (re-read)
  20. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
  21. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
  22. The Meeting Place – Janette Oke & T. Davis Bunn
  23. Return to Me by Lynn Austin
  24. The Sacred Shore by Janette Oke & T. David Bunn
  25. Star of Babylon– Bethany Wallace
  26. The Birthright by Janette Oake & T. Davis Bunn
  27. A Christmas Carol– Charles Dickens


Nicole Elliott

My Readers Pay it Forward

Kindness Quote

If you’re a frequent reader or giveaway enter-er you’ll know that I always include a “fun entry” for my giveaways.

I always scheme them up and they range from singing the alphabet … backwords, to dancing around the room, to screaming. I have all sorts of fun inventing what random things I’m causing you to do on your couch or in your office–it really does make me smile!!! Although I use Rafflecopter now so it makes it harder for me to respond to you all, I really do read every single one of these entries–and I often smile and laugh out loud as I do!

In my post awhile back about my big scheme to Give the Gift of Sleep (go check out that post if you missed it, it’s pretty cool!) I had the “fun entry” to pay it forward to someone and then let me know about it. I was expecting a lot of smile type comments, but the ones I got were pretty awesome! The fact they didn’t expect anyone but me to see/know made it that much more cool–and it so lightened my heart to hear about these Random Acts of Kindness that I just had to give them a shout out! So to end your 2013 on a high note, here are some sweet every day acts of my readers who pay it forward–many of whom appear to be guys, which is very cool!

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Tis the Season …. To Get Textbooks – CampusBookRentals.com

Tis the Season .... To Get Textbooks - CampusBookRentals.com

So now that Christmas is over it’s time to look towards the new year and the new school semester! Although Christmas break for college is always generously long, before you know it, it will be time to hit the books once more. Which means, of course, you actually need to purchase said books between now and then.

But do you? If you’ve ever been in college you’ll know that buying textbooks costs an arm and a leg, and I’m only kind of joking!! Especially now that hubby is in classes like Multi-variable Calculus and Physics II we’re talking $400 for 3 textbooks.

That’s why renting your textbooks from CampusBookRentals.com is such a great idea!

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How To Keep Your Day Organized

How To Keep Your Day Organized
Legalese Nonsense: Knowing how much I love to stay organized Levenger offered to send me their planner in exchange for me giving you all the scoop. All OCD tendencies and love of to do lists and spreadsheets are my own!

As you might imagine, since I work four different part time jobs from home, I get asked a lot – how do you do it all?! My first answer, always? I stay very organized using lots of different tools! You might not be quite as crazy as me and be juggling 4 jobs, 2 kids, one hubby, 2 in-laws, 3 dogs, and 1 God — but just in case you’re anywhere close I thought I’d break down how I keep a handle on things and maybe you can get some ideas too!

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A Year of Tylerisms 2013

Although just 2 & 3 this year, Tyler can jabber an ear off with the best of them! I’ve absolutely loved seeing how his thought process has bloomed and grown this year, and now he keeps me laughing daily just as much as his big sister does! So here are your years worth of Tylerisms!

A Year of Tylerisms 2013

2/10/13 {I bought new vitamins for him and Amber} “You buy new gummies??? Oh gracious, I so excited!!!!”

2/13/2013 I was going to lay him down and he asked, “Sit Down? Snuggle? Two Minutes?” he’s not at all a snuggler so how could I say no to that??!! (2/25 variation: today he asked for “one snuggle, teeny tiny one”)

2/15/13 “THANK you Mommy.” *huge hug* “You my best friend!!!”

2/25/13 Anytime he’s had a good time he tells me “I have funny day Mommy!!!!”

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2013 – A Year of Amberisms

So if you are my friend on Facebook or a fan of my page you know that ever since she could talk I’ve been calling the laugh out loud funny moments of my 5 year old daughter “Amberisms” This year of 4 & 5 years old was an absolute doozy–so I just had to share with you the highlights of the moments from the mind of this beyond adorably funny little one! Enjoy!

1/14/13 “You are pretty *fabulous* you know.” Me, “Oh am I? Do you know what that means? It’s like wonderful and fantastic.” (She pauses a moment like she thinking) “Hmmm, yepp. I’m pretty sure you are.”

1/17/13 Me: “Tyler don’t say stupid, that’s not a nice word.” Her, “Yes, that makes God SAD! But you can say ‘Oh Boy’. THAT’S a nice word.”

Amberisms 2013

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Perfectly Practical Gift – twooth® time brushin’, flossin’ fun kit

Christmas Gift Guide Gift Ideas For the Person Who Already Owns Everything

So I’m completely stealing my title from a catchphrase of my blogging buddy Pary Moppins 🙂 But it fit this gift so well I just had to use it!

Perfectly Practical Gift - Twooth Timer Kit
Legalese Nonsense: having little ones who need to brush their teeth, I knew the Twooth Timer Kit was a perfect fit for any family–including mine! All nutcrackers, santa hats, and crazy countertops are my own.

Perfectly Practical Gift – twooth® time brushin’, flossin’ fun kit

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Gift for the Photog in Your Life – Capturing Every Day Life by Jane Goodrich

Christmas Gift Guide Gift Ideas For the Person Who Already Owns Everything

Although I took a photography class in college, it was ages ago, and the class was for SLR Cameras–yep, film! Recently, however, I got a dream of mine granted that I’ve had ever since taking that class!

Gift for the Photog in Your Life – Capturing Every Day Life by Jane Goodrich


I’m now the proud owner of a Nikon D3200 Digital SLR! Hopefully you’ve been enjoying my better picture quality on here over the past few months!

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