5 Zero Clutter Gift Ideas

5 Zero Clutter Gift Ideas

Collect Memories, Not Things.

The first time I saw that phrase on Pinterest I wanted to yell, “Yes!!! Exactly!” Although you all know I love my things as much as the next person, as someone who tries to stay organized in every area of my life I really hate clutter. Clutter robs everyone of peace, joy, time, and effort. It makes homes feel anything but homey.

The tricky part is that when it comes to presents, what is treasure to one person, is clutter to another. I hate it when I see or hear about people who are holding onto things they hate–all because they feel guilty to get rid of them because they were given them as a gift.

So over the years I’ve come more and more to both give and ask for gifts that are “zero clutter”. Another way to put this is “experience gifts”. Because while things like packages of food, candles, and bath and body products are consumable; you’d be amazed at how many brand new Bath and Body Works products I pick up for pennies at garage sales because–you got it–some people consider these things clutter!

So here are my no-fail, clutter free gifts to give (and ask for!)

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How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring

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How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

How to wear it: Printed Denim

As a work from home mom of two I have to admit that I’ve been tempted at times to fall into a pattern of yoga pants and ratty t-shirts. However I remind myself that when I look great, I feel great, and that’s just a win-win for everyone in my life-even if that means the only ones benefiting from my style that day are my two kids and hubby!

Thankfully these days staying on top of the latest trends is not only easy, it can also be affordable! I’ve loved pouring over my favorite fashion blogs the last few months and seeing how other “real” people just like me are taking runway fashion and turning it into jaw-dropping every day style. Some of my favorite bloggers and friends, like Jillian from Mommy Testers, have been recently featured on the searsStyle blog, where they give inspiration on how to get the Look for Less on all the hottest fashion trends!

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

2013 had a bunch of amazing trends that I was absolutely in love with – from black on black, to military styled jackets, to leather and metallics, the 2013 fashion trends were all right up my alley! One trend I was especially excited about, however, was the printed denim trend!

Let’s be honest, although I do make sure to dress nicely each day, I pretty much *live* in denim. As a work from home mom in East Texas–that’s ok! It can get a little boring, however, so throwing a little print into the mix is the perfect way to shake things up and kick my outfit into high gear while still being totally appropriate for everything from play dates to dinner dates with hubby!

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

Get the Look: Printed Denim for Winter

Since I do live in the real world with a real clothing budget, it’s important for me to find pieces that with transition easily from season to season. So when I decided to hop into the printed denim trend I wanted a look that would easily work for winter, but that I could also wear in Spring–which in East Texas really isn’t all that far away!

For my winter look I paired the following items:

  • Military Inspired Jacket in Black – I love that the zippers add extra interest and that it’s fitted to show off my shape
  • Drap Neck Blouse in Hibiscus//Covington//Sears – break up a dark winter outfit by adding in a pop of color with layering
  • Jeans//Almost Famous//Sears – The delicate floral pattern on these jeans adds a bit of feminine whimsy to balance out the bold and harder elements
  • Zip Up Leather Boots in Black – finish the look and bring in the leather trend and mimic the zippers in the jacket.

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

Get the Look: Printed Denim for Spring

My look for Spring? Couldn’t be an easier transition–simply ditch the jacket!

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

I fell in  love with this blouse from Covington. The interesting draping on top is so beautiful by itself that I don’t need to wear a necklace with it, so I stuck with some dangling earrings.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to fashion is to have only one item on your body that is tight or fitted–so if you’re going to for skinny jeans then you need a loose, flowing top! This one was perfect for the job–accentuating my curves where I wanted it to, and not hugging them where I didn’t (all moms know what I’m talking about!!). The color was so unique and perfectly flattered my skin tone. Don’t be afraid of bold colors–they’re actually very flattering if you can find them in the right shade. Pick a lipstick in a complementing shade for a look that wows!

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

The only thing I love more than my two new pieces is the price I paid for them–both were on sale and then at the register the cashier scanned a coupon she had because I’m a Shop Your Way Member that gave me an additional 15% off! That brought my entire total to under $40 and gave my points I can use for future purchases that will also help to lower my costs-awesome right?!

Anyone can rock printed denim–you just have to know what to pair it with! Leave me a comment letting me know what Spring Fashion Trend you can’t wait  to try out!

Family vacation: Florida

Florida is such a great destination for a family vacation as there is so much to do in a relatively small place. Florida has beaches, space rockets, adventure parks and the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. For many families the most important destination is Walt Disney World.

It is best to get around by car; to make the most of your stay renting a car is really the best option, as public transport is not ideally suited for visiting the beaches and exploring the state. You can drive from Orlando to Miami in around three and a halfhours and this route will allow you to take in Florida’s best attractions, which are detailed below.

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Creating a photography website that stands out!

Every photographer should have a professionally designed website to promote his or her business. Photography is a purely visual art form and a customer’s first impression of the photographer will form within seconds of viewing the website. Great testimonials from previous clients will not count for much if the photographer’s portfolio is short of exceptional.

How to Rock Printed Denim from Winter to Spring #ThisisStyle #shop

Photography is a very competitive market. The introduction of cheap, high quality digital SLR cameras and photo editing software means that with a little training and practice anybody can take a good photograph and print it out on their inkjet printer. However, those seeking a really professional product shop around for photographers online, mainly because they can immediately view a portfolio. Gone are the days when a customer would sit in the reception area of a photographic studio and flick through albums of color prints while the photographer promoted his services. Most customers do their research online and make their decision before making the first call.

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Great Hair for the New Year – Herbal Essences Naked Collection

Great Hair for the New Year - Herbal Essences Naked Collection
Legalese Nonsense:The products and information have been provided by Herbal Essences but all stylish selfies, lovely locks, and picky opinions are-as ever-my own!

It’s a new year and as you know I’ve been embracing it fully so far through my one word of Bless. You also know that I kicked off my “blessing” act a little early when I donated my hair to Locks of Love in November. Ever since then I’ve been trying to find a new hair care line that would be a great fit for my “new ‘do”.

Herbal Essence new Naked Collection promises to restores hair’s natural body using zero heavy residues, dyes, and parabens and the scent of grapefruit and mint was one that sounded light and refreshing. I thought it might be just what my new short locks needed, so I gladly gave all the products in the line a try-the Naked Volume shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, and souffle.

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#CelebrateMom January Bundle Giveaway

#CelebrateMom Monthly Giveaway

If you’ve been around for awhile you already know all about Mompact! and how they’re all about taking the time to #CelebrateMom from supporting Mom Inventors, Bloggers to stay at home moms! If you’re not familiar with them take a few minutes to go check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to learn a little more on what they’re all about!

This month a bunch of the amazing Mom Inventors that Mompact is proud to support are joining together to host this *amazing* giveaway!

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New Year’s Resolution — Grammar Guru!

Is your New Year’s Resolution to master the finer points of Grammar? Ok, ok, I’m guessing it’s probably not! But for many people maybe is should be! Grammar and spelling were always a sticky point for me in school, but by the time I took a class in college for proofreading I mastered the more obvious parts of it that many people mess up. So when I saw this fun and quick Grammatically Speaking quiz from Staples I knew I should give it a whirl.

Sure enough–I still have a few things I mess up, but over all I’ve still got it! I scored 84% and am considered a “Grammar Guru”. Can you beat my score? Give it a whirl, just for fun, and let me know what your score is in the comments!

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One Word 2014 – Bless

Yesterday I shared just how much my One Word for 2013 impacted my life, and that I was excited to choose my word for 2014–knowing just what a big change it might make!

There wasn’t much of a question though, really. There has been a word that’s been pressing itself into my heart and my mind for several months now, and fully formed once I remembered the One Word for the year. I did pray about it, but it was perfectly clear to me which word would be my guiding beacon throughout 2014, and after the year I had of Grow, it really makes perfect sense!

My word for 2014 is….

One Word 2014

Bless – to provide (a person, place, etc.) with something good or desirable

Bless. It might seem strange, at first, until you start to think about it. This year I only  want to choose, do, say, think, or participate in things that will bless. Things that will bless God, bless my family, bless others, bless me.

Although it might sound a little strange, I’ve decided this year to pass everything through the “filter of bless”. Before you get weirded out on me, hear me out. Before I choose to say, do, or participate in anything I will consciously stop and ask myself, “Will this bless? Will this thing I’m about to say bless the person it’s being said to? What about the person it’s about? Am I doing it to build myself up in pride, or is it truly something that is good and desirable?”

Before I choose to fritter away time online when I need to be working I will remind myself that it is more of a blessing to focus my time and save “pointless stuff” for the chunks of time when I can actually enjoy and be blessed by it, rather than when it chips away my day and guilt me.

Before I choose to say yes to another job, or activity, or thing I will stop and consider if it will be be a good and desirable for me and my family, or if it will cause added stress and clutter in our lives and schedules.

I know that the Bible is full of verse about Bless and blessings, and I can’t wait to do a word study on bless throughout this year, to really dig into what God has for me and this word in 2014.

Have One Word that you’d like to share? I’m linking up with the Compassion Bloggers who are also sharing their one word for 2014 and I’d love to see yours as well!