Because You Can’t Go Wrong with Flowers – the Bouqs co.

Because You Can't Go Wrong with Flowers - the Bouqs co.
Legalese Nonsense: I get pretty flowers, you get to look at pretty flowers, I get to tell you about a great company, you get to save money, and if you buy I get a little bit of money. Sound good?

Fresher flowers. Fewer dollars.

Recently I gave a lot of ideas for Zero Clutter Gift Ideas.  Another amazing no clutter gift idea is — you guessed it — flowers! Now, like I mentioned with all those other ideas, there might be the very, very occasional oddball woman who *gasp* actually might not like flowers. Most of us, however, swoon when we receive them as gifts, and we don’t get them nearly enough!!

Find out what kind of flowers the woman in your life loves! I’m a roses girl all the way, one of my besties, however, would much rather have other kinds of flowers.  Get to know the lady in your life and what she’d prefer!

I’m not just talking to the guys here either!!! As a girl I’ve given flowers to the other ladies in my life countless times! the latest example is when I got my mother-in-law the bouquet pictured above last week for her birthday. Flowers can be a totally appropriate gift from a woman to their Mom, Mom-in-Law, best friend, sister, the list goes on!

Because You Can't Go Wrong with Flowers - the Bouqs co.

One reason guys tend to balk at buying flowers, I think, is the ridiculous price tag associated with them. Sure you can head to your local super store and pick up a pack for a semi-reasonable price, but most of the time they start to die before they even open up. Then if you try to order flowers and have them delivered — usually you end up with a sticker shock of over $100 or more! For someone who loves to get a great deal, especially on presents, that makes me balk too!

Because You Can't Go Wrong with Flowers - the Bouqs co.

And then, of course, you have those times when you find a great “deal” on flowers…only it’s not. Once I did a group buying deal from a site to get a bouquet for $20. I was SO excited!!! I could send my mom beautiful flowers for her birthday and it wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg! So I purchased the deal and then headed over to the site to use my voucher. Oh, but I had missed the very fine print somewhere else that neglected to tell me about all the 5 different fees and shipping costs I was going to incur. My $20 flowers ended up being a lot closer to $70 by the time I was done–yikes!!!

And customer service? Please! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve ordered flowers online to have the person send me a picture to say thank you and I go, “Ooohhh you’re welcome” thinking *yeah that looks NOTHING like the bouquet I ordered!!!*

Because You Can't Go Wrong with Flowers - the Bouqs co.

Because of all this drama I was SO excited to discover the Bouq co.!

Here are Five Reasons I Love the Bouq co. and why I will only order flowers from them from now on!

#1. The Customer is always right — even when they’re wrong. So I totally goofed. I placed an order, picked a bouquet, and added a sentiment to the card. My mom-in-law just had back surgery and I wanted these as her “get well soon” gift. The day of their arrival came, and went, and I got a little miffed! Why didn’t my flowers show up? So not cool, especially if I was doing a review of the company! I was getting ready to write a rather huffy email when I got an email in my inbox (from their customer service, who had no idea I was doing a review) “We noticed that you scheduled your delivery for 2015 and we’re just checking to make sure this is right.” Umm…oops. I wrote back and said that I’d goofed, and because of that it was too late to send a get well soon card, but the recipient’s birthday was coming up so would they please change the date to her birthday? They wrote back right away and said that would be no problem. Then I realized that the card still said, “Get well soon” so I wrote back, *again*, and asked if there was any way to get that changed. They got my new message from me and Voila! Beautiful birthday flowers arrived right on the special day!

#2. What you order, is what you get. This is the bouquet I ordered, and as you can see from the pictures it’s exactly what we received!

#3. $40 means $40 — The price that they list includes EVERYTHING! Fees, shipping, handling, delivery. No more thinking you’re getting that gorgeous roses bouquet for $30 and ending up spending $80! You can upgrade for more flowers for $50 or $70 (The bouq we got was the $50 one) but still, the price you see is the price you pay!

#4. Send flowers grown on an active volcano in South America, seriously.   These babies are grown on a volcano and cut when you order them. How can you beat that?!

#5. They last and last and last. The pictures that I took were taken ONE WEEK after the flowers arrived–seriously! If you’ve ever received roses you’ll know that’s a crazy long time for them to keep looking that gorgeous. They’re just now, 1 1/2 weeks later, starting to fade away. And I did little to no editing on all the pictures I took–they’re really that vibrant and gorgeous!

So get out there and order some flowers that will make someones day and not kill your wallet!

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